No matter how strong you are, a breakup can turn your world upside down very fast. This is because you are wired this way. You are wired to feel this pain and anxiety because in the past having someone next to you may have made the difference between survival and death. This is not true Read more

If you feel like your relationship is on repeat, it may be time to get professional help. Often times couples get into ruts. The problem with being in a rut is, if you don’t change course, you won’t be able to get out of it. If trying to work through your problems on your own Read more

Relationships are complicated enough already. You would rather not want to deal with more drama in your life. But when it comes to your man, you might fume up even at the little wrong things that he does, or might end up doing. You might want your man to be a certain way that you Read more

When she walked out of your life you probably thought you would get over her. Often times we underestimate how much someone means to us until they are no longer with us. The old saying “the grass looks greener” is never more true than when we see the people we love in love with someone Read more

If you have been dumped again, but this time you really didn’t see it coming, there must be something going on. You always felt she was out of your league, so you did everything she asked. Don’t Be A Pushover…Be The Pushee If you treated her like a queen, gave her everything she ever dreamed Read more