People have this urge to leave when situation gets overwhelming. It is not happening only because you have this constant fear that this is going to be too hard to handle, you also get tired. These things happen all the time. Many women ask me if abandoning the ship may be his easy way out Read more

When we stop to think how relationship works, we always think about that good old – guy meets a girl, girl likes the guy, they get to know each other more and after a while they break up or they stay together. In the end they even commit. This “simple” way still works for a Read more

Your relationship ended up badly, and now you can’t stop thinking about it. Your life has turned upside down and it feels like you can’t breath properly. In the beginning you were feeling angry, betrayed and disappointed, but know you started to miss him. You don’t know what to do. Maybe you even want him Read more

Your relationship is over. He is gone. You are pretty much wandering around trying to understand what happened. After flying high for so long now you only feel like falling high speed. Your safe place is gone and everything that you depended on is gone. You feel like your world is breaking into pieces. You Read more

There is a very simple rule for your man to take you seriously. BE ASSERTIVE! There is nothing that a man likes more in a woman. Using a passive tone just won’t cut it. In fact, it will just show him that your thought processes are not concrete enough, or that you are confused about Read more