You are a Woman And You are Amazing!

Being a woman can be a difficult task sometimes. You have to deal with so many issues of your own, and if you are in a relationship, then dealing with your man sometimes just feels like an add-on to your already existing problems.

You must think sometimes that your boyfriends or spouses just do not understand what you are going through, and why they are so at it to make your lives miserable instead of helping you out. Or why they are not there to just give you a hug every now and then. You need to realize that what you go through from time to time is completely normal and you have the right to be cranky.

Being a Woman is Amazing:

Being a woman is truly amazing and here’s why. It allows you to dress up and be sexy every now and then. You can be soft, yet rigid at the same time. You have the tendency to be harsh, yet compassionate at the same time. You have this innate capability of being a nurturer and bearing children. Elegance comes naturally to women. They are strong, yet they want to feel protected. And you are all of this combined.

Does your Man understand you?

Do you feel, at some points in your life, that the man you truly love does not show equal amounts of love to you? That he is completely aloof and does not hug you anymore or communicate with you often? Do you feel your man does not understand you anymore?

To be honest, he probably does not even know that you feel this way. So what you can do to make this better is to communicate with him. Men are naturally more inclined towards logic and thinking with their heads rather than their hearts and emotions.

Women are complete opposites when it comes to these things. Your man might be truly in love with you but he might not be able to show it to you constantly. So it is not his fault and blaming him would not do you any good. The more open you are about your feelings, the more he will understand where you are coming from, and what your needs are. But try to not be too unreasonable about your feelings.

If at any point you start feeling compelled to be too overly demanding about your man’s attention, try to divert that feeling by involving yourself in other routine tasks. Or even take up a hobby to distract your mind. You have the right to be upset, but being all over the place about it will just push your man away.

You’re doing it right:

You have the right to get upset and cranky every now and then. You also have the right to be overly demanding and stubborn. That is what being a woman is all about. Women are naturally inclined towards wanting a lot of love and admiration. They want constant attention from their partners and if they put in an effort to not be overly demanding of their partners, then their partners should also consider how their women think and feel.

No matter what, it is hard being a woman, and you have struggle a lot, not only with your day to day tasks, but also dealing with your relationship, and struggling with your women problems. But you should not worry because all of this is a natural process about being a woman. Take one day at a time and just breathe. Everything else is bound to fix itself.


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