Win Back My Man! Practical Tips To Win Him Back

Bitch (noun): “A woman who won’t bang her head against the wall obsessing over someone else’s opinion- be it about a man or anything else in her life. She understands that if someone does not approve of her, it’s simply one person’s opinion; therefore, it holds no importance. She doesn’t try to live up to anyone else’s standards, but only her own. Because of this she relates to a man very differently.”

So you just got jilted AGAIN! We hear you loud and clear, even if no one else heard your heart and soul getting smashed into  pieces; we totally feel the heartache and pain that has completely engulfed you and your entire existence. For some completely, totally and absolutely incomprehensible reasons you want him back (in a way that won’t bruise your pride and ego of course)!

Understand one simple rule in life, as humans we want what we cannot have, this implies even more so to all the highly frustrating, yet, totally lovable men out there.

The moment you stop cribbing, begging and crying for him to return is the second he will realize what he is missing.

There are bigger and more catatonic things out there; like your happiness and health. Moping over one guy doesn’t bring the world to a halt and neither should it affect you. Men like an independent and strong woman (those who don’t have serious mommy issues)! For a relationship to work it needs to go both ways, one cannot do all the pulling and pushing. When you start living your life with OR without him, that’s when he will start valuing you. What we have we take for granted; we always want what we don’t have! The moment a guy feels that you CHOOSE to be with him as opposed to NEEDING his presence on a constant basis in your life, that’s when he’ll start valuing you for who you are.

Be Your Own Boss

Start by preferring yourself over him and not the other way around. You are hurt and that’s fine, but you need to be your own person and someone who has hurt you is not worth your time or emotions. Move to your own tune and music and don’t simply throw your priorities out of the window based on one guy’s opinion. Play your cards with care and be in control of all your emotions and feelings.

You Always Come Before the World

You always come before the world! Live by this principle and the rest will fall in place. Giving yourself importance is a clear indication that you mean more than everyone else and this simple rule attracts the opposite sex like magnet.

Don’t Believe in Change

If you take a rat and dip it in perfume it will NOT turn into a puppy, it will remain a rat. Don’t try and change him; it’s the nagging that’s the issue. When you stop nagging, he deals with the problem on his own.

Ditch the Looks, Adopt the Attitude!

Okay, so here is the raw deal. As much as you’d like to think otherwise, success in a relationship is not about looks, it’s about having the right attitude. Take the lead and quit following along like a whimpering mongrel. It’s what you exhibit and exude that depends on how the world views you. We aren’t saying one should become a vicious dominatrix, but simply learn to value yourself in a way that reflects your importance.

A Little Bit of TLC

You don’t need a dose of tender loving care from a second person; give yourself the attention, adulation and affection that you truly deserve.

Men will come and go, but if wanting an ex back in your life is what you crave, then just be your own person, if he has to return to you, he most definitely will.

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