The Questions You Need To Ask Your Ex Girlfriend To Get Her Back

When she walked out of your life you probably thought you would get over her. Often times we underestimate how much someone means to us until they are no longer with us.

The old saying “the grass looks greener” is never more true than when we see the people we love in love with someone else. If your ex has found someone else in her life, and you want her back, you better act fast.

If you don’t go after her now you could spend a lifetime wishing you could turn back the clock. Don’t let her be the one that got away.

Girls are a pain in the ass, there is no denying that. They are highly emotional. They can be sporadic and hard to figure out. You feel like you have figured them out one day and then they go and mix everything up.

The biggest problem with them? When they are gone you feel like your heart is going to stop. For all the misery she caused you, you are probably realizing that she is the reason that the sun came up and set in your world.

If she is making the sun come up in someone else’s world, this is your last chance. Sometimes things have gone too far for repair. The only way that you will know is to ask her some crucial questions.

Not only will they give you the answers you seek, they will solidify in her mind that you either are, or are not, meant to be together. Request that she meet with you one more time and ask her the following heart to heart questions:

Does she still love you?

Sometimes you can love someone but not be in love with them. Women give the men in their life unconditional love and many chances to deserve that love.

If you have pushed her too far, or she has given up trying, she may not be in love with you anymore. Ask her to search her heart to see if she still loves you. Not that she has love for you, but if she is still in love with you.

Is she happy without you?

Above all you want her to be happy. If the guy she is with makes her happy in a way that you couldn’t, then you have to love her enough to let her go. If he can give to her all the things that you were incapable of, you have to love her enough to set her free and be happy.

Is she in love with the other guy?

Regardless of how she answers the question about whether she loves you, you still have to ask if she is in love with her current partner. There is the potential that she loves two people in her life.

If she is torn between the two of you, that makes things much more complicated. By asking her both questions you can ensure that she is really going to be making a clear decision, him or you.

What does she need from you?

Even if she is wiling to let go of the other guy and take you back, it isn’t going to work if you don’t satisfy her needs. It is unfair of you to take her away from a relationship that is working if you aren’t ready to make changes in a relationship with her to make it forever.

If you aren’t willing to change the way that she needs, you need to be selfless enough to be honest and let her be.

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