The Five Best Ways To Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back

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There is nothing worse than seeing the girl of your dreams walk out your door. If you let your pride get in the way and didn’t stop the best thing you ever had, you are no doubt wishing you had a time machine.

The bad news is that there is no such thing. There is no way to undue what you have done in the past. The good news is that if you want to get your ex girlfriend back, there are some things that you can do to win her back.

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, it is time to take action. If you wait too long, she will be scooped up by someone else. She isn’t going to come back on her own, sometimes you have to go out and get her.

There are many reasons why women walk out of relationships, but at the heart of all of them is the feeling of neglect. If you were meeting her needs she would never have said goodbye.

Men are excellent at shutting people out and putting their own needs and wants in front of others. Women are the exact opposite.

Chances are good she didn’t just get up one day and say she was done, she has been hinting about it for a long time. When a woman is done, she is done. That doesn’t mean that you can’t do things to get her back.

5 Proven Ways to Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back

If you want to get the woman of your heart back into your life, these five steps are your best chance at happiness:

1 Figure out what you did wrong

There are times when it is obvious, like you cheated on her, but often times it is difficult for men to figure out what went wrong. Take the time to reflect on what she said to you. Evaluate what made her upset. You have to figure out why she would no longer want to be with you.

2 Decide if is better to be with her then to be right

Guys let girls walk because they are more concerned with being right than being with her. If you want her back you have to stop thinking that it is important to always be right.

If you think that she is being ridiculous that makes no difference. Instead of trying to convince her she is wrong about how she feels, acknowledge what she feels and say sorry.

3 Make a big deal about her

Women are notorious for making those around them feel special. When was the last time you made a big deal out of her? If you want to get her back, make a big deal about it. Do something that will show her how much you appreciate and miss her.

Just this once, go out of your way, go over board, do something completely uncharacteristic. She wants to know where she fits into your world. Show her that you are her world.

4 Tell her you love her in words she can understand

Men and women relate in different ways. Men often tell women they love them by doing things for them. Women are more expressive in their language. If you want her back tell her you love her in words that she can understand.

Tell her concisely how you feel, not keeping anything in. Put your heart on the line the way she does for you all the time.

5 Chase after her

A girl wants to be chased after. If when she was walking, you didn’t go after her, now is the time to do so. Women walk because they want to be chased after. Stop being stubborn and go after her before it is too late.

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