The Best Advise To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

If you have been dumped again, but this time you really didn’t see it coming, there must be something going on. You always felt she was out of your league, so you did everything she asked.

Don’t Be A Pushover…Be The Pushee

If you treated her like a queen, gave her everything she ever dreamed of, and thought you were being the man of her dreams, that may be the entire problem. Women always think that they want a prince charming, but the charming part wears off pretty quickly.

If you are a guy who is into giving a girl everything she wants, maybe what she really wants is a guy who doesn’t give in all the time.

There is a reason why they say, “nice guys finish last”. That isn’t entirely the truth, the truth is that nice guys finish alone. The reason is that women don’t know what they want.

They think they want a sensitive guy who listens to them, but that isn’t what they want all the time. Like everything in life, you think you want something until you have it, and then you realize it isn’t as good as you thought.

Women and men are programmed differently. What we are all wired for is evolution. Yep, that’s right. No matter how civilized we are, there is still a part of us that is rooted in pure instinctual behavior.

Girls like a guy who treats them well, but when they begin to act more like a pushover then like a nice guy, girls are turned off. A girl wants a guy who can protect her.

They want someone to support them, and keep them safe and secure. If you are giving in all the time, it is showing her your weak side. The problem is that you aren’t weak, you only have a weakness for her.

The next guy she goes for will be a guy who is the exact opposite. She is going to be looking for the “bad guy”type. The man that overpowers her and the man that puts his own needs first.

That is your greatest asset. She will go so far the other way, that it will send her more back in your direction. While she is working on her rebound guy, you need to work on how to say, “no”.

There is an art to knowing how to be both the sensitive, nice guy, and bad guy. There is a time to play all roles. Women can be extremely confusing. Once you think you know what they want, they want something entirely different.

You have to stay on your toes and constantly be thinking about where their head is at, or you have to follow your instincts.

So what to do?

If you wait just a little while, she will be through the rebound guy in her life. The best thing you can do is to just let her go. The more you try to win her back, or beg for her to come back into your life, the more she will see your weakness.

Sit on the sidelines and wait for your turn. Once she has had enough of the guy who pushes her around, she will be thinking that the things she had with you were not so bad.

Wait for your turn and be there to pick up the pieces. Don’t take the friend role, just be there to be that much more attractive when things go south. When she does want you back, don’t take her back with arms wide open.

It is going to be in your cool demeanor that she is going to find you attractive and want you back. When you do get her back you have to learn to strike a better balance between being the pushover and the pushee.

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