Should I Text Him or Wait For Him To Text Me?

get my ex boyfriend back

Continuing on from our last article where we discussed of text messages to get your boyfriend back.

Remembering Those Good Times

Fine, let’s assume then that you received a positive response from your ex. In which case, you can move swiftly along to this section. There’s no getting away from it that if you had a long-term relationship, then no doubt you’ll also have plenty of positive memories to consider. And in which case, you’ll surely have a big advantage.

build trusting relationship

On the other hand, if your relationship was merely brief, then this aspect to the engagement process can be a little bit more on the challenging side. That’s okay though. Perhaps you’ll have to be just that bit more creative in how you proceed.

Get My Ex Boyfriend Back

But first things first. This is NOT where you are going to try to achieve the main goal of getting your ex back with you. As such, many of the exact same rules that we talked about above also apply here.

The Big No-No’s

1. The text is NOT intended to be some form of ‘booty call’

2. You should not get angry nor should you get upset

3. You should not be expecting anything – or in other words, try to manage your   expectations  appropriately

4. This is not a way to ‘cure’ your entire relationship issues

5. Don’t ask to meet with your ex at this point in time

The main thing you should be aiming to achieve with “Remembering Those Good Times” is to try to get your ex to remember the positive aspects of your previous relationship together. And as such, you will have to make a big effort to be as positive as you can be. Given the circumstances, that can be very trying!

Consider it this way, if you will. If you manage to craft this set of messages well enough, then you surely do have a good chance of getting your ex-boyfriend to feel the same way that you do. In which case, he will begin to reminisce as to just how good things were between you both.

 What to Say

When you create your text message, you should go into some detail, rather than writing in a general fashion. So, with that said, let’s consider a few phrases to highlight this point further:

Let’s assume that I was intent on getting an ex-girlfriend back with me, and I had successfully made it this far along the pathway of the step-by-step process I’ve been outlining. I jotted down on a bit of paper or on my Notepad on my laptop what it was that I considered were our very best times that we experienced together.

If you are reading this, then you probably broke up with your boyfriend recently and now you want to get him back. There are plenty of tips on the internet that may help you how to get your boyfriend back. However, not all of these online tips are useful or effective, so you should be careful when following the romance tips found online.

For the sake of it, let’s make the assumption that my ex and I had a super time when we went to watch a football game. That particular day was very cold, and she was beginning to freeze (not literally, of course), so, being the gentleman that I am, I offered her my jacket.

What do you consider would be better to write?

  • “Hey, do you remember that time at the football game that I let you borrow my jacket?”


  • “Can you remember that wonderful night we had together where I gave you my jacket at the football game? Honestly, I was freezing cold, and you held onto my hand so tightly throughout the whole game. You know, that’s what it is that I really like about you…”

If you chose the latter, then of course, you’d be correct!

Because, the more detail you give, the better your response actually is. Do remember though, this has to be an experience that you BOTH enjoyed. And with that said, let’s check out some other examples…


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