My Man just had an Affair and I want to be the Only Woman he thinks About!

Look it’s quite simple; if he cheated on you then the chances of him cheating again are quite high. Men have it in their nature and character to cheat (even if they don’t mean to). So, honestly wanting to get back together is quite futile, however, if you have decided that that’s what you want then we suggest you set a few ground rules. It’s quite impossible to bring a relationship on the track once it has gone through the harsh brunt of infidelity.

Trust once lost has a weird way of not finding its way again. Understand this fact and you will be able to prioritize in a far better fashion and manner.

Rule #1

Forgive and Forget

Now if you are truly bent on getting back on track with your spouse then we suggest that you forgive and move on from the very bottom of your heart.

It’s one thing to say that you have moved on in life and that you want to start afresh, however, it’s quite another to actually mean it and really start a fresh beginning with a front that says “I REALLY do forgive you.”

Rule # 2

The Trust Factor

Once you know you have the ability to forgive, we truly suggest that you start by trusting again. As difficult and as colossal as the task at hand seems it is crucial that you begin to trust your partner all over again because at the end of the day it’s that very fact that is going to make you forget the betray and the infidelity.

A Change of Scenery

To truly get over the pain and the heart ache we suggest you take a trip down south or up north and simply go to a difference place altogether. At the end of the day, you need to be with each other, and you need to rely on each other’s instincts in a way that will allow t=you to move past all that is horrible and painful.


As simple as it may sound, we suggest that you communicate and interact with each other in a way and fashion that knows how to bring the best out in you. Talk it out, the anger, the hate and the trust, all that’s broken and all that’s damaged, talk it through in a way and fashion that gets you to forget everything around you and focus on the goodness of it all.

The root cause

The problem is clearly something else. Look if there weren’t cracks in your existing relationship then frankly, he wouldn’t bother with findings what’s missing outside the four walls of your sacred home (unless HE has twisted issues of his own).

What you need to do is, figure out where the core issues are lying and mend those broken and cracked ridges and mend those holes in a way and manner that can and will result in a positive outlook to life and to your relationship ion general.

Resentment is a crime

If you are going to be resentful which honestly is perfectly natural, then it will not help matters in the least. You need to get over every negative and horrid vibe, emotion and feeling that has the capacity to engulf you and think about all that is positive and good around you and particularly in your relationship.

The Basics

Trust, understanding and generally a sense of security is what is essentially required off you at every step of the relationship. This might sound like the pathetic cliché however; know that it’s the only way to make any relation work.

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