My Boyfriend Having an Affair-The Dreadful Affair!

Are you a woman who is worried about your partner having an affair, or are suspicious of him being with another woman? These days, affairs have become common practice and mostly happen due to some sort of unhappiness with the existing relationship. When a partner is not receiving something from one relationship, they go off looking for it with someone else. This is especially common with a long distance relationship, where a man finds it easy to get into an affair.

It is said that the reasons for an affair are different for men and women. Women might get into an affair because of an emotional bondage that they might not find with their existing partners. Men, on the other hand, mostly just get into an affair for sexual reasons and not because they want to connect with the other person emotionally. Although this might be a reason for some affairs, it might not be the only reason as thousands of other reasons exist.

The main point to note here is that no matter what the reason, the impact of an affair can harm a relationship, be it marriage or any other kind. Ways to deal or recover from the news is an entirely separate story.

An affair can lead to three conclusions for a relationship:

1. A couple can make a hasty decision and separate from each other.

2. They could find ways to get to a mutual understanding and try working things out.

3. Or they could lie somewhere in between and increase the level of alienation and lack of openness already existing in the relationship.

There are a few aspects which form a part in deciding which direction a couple is likely to follow after an affair has taken place:

1. If the couple is married, then how long they have been married and whether they have children determine what their course of action would be.

2. How close the couple is and how strong their emotional bond is.

3. Whether your man feels terrible about the affair or not.

An affair mostly has some reason to it. Once the reason is known, it can actually help a troubled relationship, obviously keeping aside the fact that it was horribly wrong to have an affair in the first place.

And if your partner is willing to communicate and apologize for it, and you are willing to forgive him, you can have an open and honest talk with him and try figuring out ways to work on the relationship.
Ways to win your Man back:

In case you are looking to fix a broken relationship and be forgiving after finding out about your cheating partner, it is best to go through this process step by step:
1. You would want him to confess about the affair and this process should not be followed through aggressively or directly.

2. Once he has confessed, talk to him about the reasons for the affair. Again, aggression will not work. It will only make him move inside his shell faster, just like a turtle.

3. The reason is the key to fixing the relationship. Use that reason wisely and to your advantage, and your man will come running back to you in a second.

Whether or not you want to forgive him for having an affair in the first place is totally up to you, and of course, the conditions and the situation. But the key thing to note here is that, in case you do want to talk about the affair, you will have to approach the topic lightly, putting your partner at ease. The moment he gets uneasy, he will shut you out and refuse to come out of his shell, no matter how much you try. If any of your friend complains “my boyfriend having an affair“, forward her this article.

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