Marriage and Relationships: Is Your Man Your Ally or Enemy?

Are you on the same team with your man? Or are you in two opposing teams, ready to tear each other apart?

Well, I’m sure when you decided to said “yes” to your man, you were well aware that a relationship requires team work.

It might sound cold, but think of it like a business partnership. If one partner loses interest and withdraws all his shares, the company’s bound to crumble. But if you combine all your resources and skills, there’s no reason why the business won’t grow.

Or you could also compare it to a basketball team. One player might succeed at shooting a few baskets, but the chance of winning is highly increased if everyone works together.

Why You and Your Man Need To Be Teammates

Let me tell you a story of a couple I know in real life. I’m going to hide them by the names of Bo and Lillian.

For some reason, Bo just quit his job one day.  Lillian tried to understand the situation at first, so she got a part-time job to help out with their finances.

It’s been 3 months, but Bo still doesn’t have work. Worse, he just spends the whole day watching TV and playing video games.

When Lillian started to complain, he acts like he didn’t hear anything. In fact, he justifies his actions and insists on being right all time whenever they get into an argument.

Lillian got so tired of swaying Bo to see her way that she just bottled up her negative emotions and decided to talk less to him to avoid conflict.

Symptoms and Results of a Relationship without Teamwork

The story of Bo and Lillian showcases the effects of a relationship without teamwork. Bo, the non-team player, refuses to acknowledge his shortcomings, readily dismisses Lillian’s complaints, and insists of being always right. In short, he’s being selfish.

What’s the result? When a partner (or partners) refuses to be a team player, it’s harder to overcome challenges and leads to stress, resentment, ineffective communication, and disappointments.

Sure, you don’t always have to share the same views as your partner. But that’s why “compromise” was conceptualized. Compromise is especially useful when deciding on certain issues about your relationship, such as rearing your kids and finances.

Does your relationship lack teamwork?

How to Redevelop Your Relationship’s Team Spirit

Have you ever joined a team building activity at work? Yes? Great!

It’s the same thing you’re going to do with your situation right now. You’re going to sit down with your man and plan something together that’ll rekindle your team spirit.

What activities did you use to enjoy as a couple? It could also be something that you haven’t tried together yet, like scuba diving, going on a gastronomic food trip, or taking a weekend vacation on a nearby beach.

Whatever it is you plan to do together, make sure that it’s something that you both enjoy. Remember, if you always treat each other as confidants, there are no problems that can’t be solved.

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