I Want My Ex Boyfriend Back But He Has a New Girlfriend

Further to our previous discussion in the last blog post (How Do I Get Over A Break Ups another popular question I get is about this topic: “I Want My Ex Boyfriend Back But He Has a New Girlfriend”

Two words for you if you’re in this situation:

Be Cool…

And here’s why…

Studies have found that around 90% of rebound relationships do not work out over the long term, and in which case, the odds are more in your favor. There is, with that said, no reason at all that you should consider harassing your ex, or the girl that he’s currently with.

Under no circumstances should you make contact with him, yet. Don’t contact either him or the new girl! The ‘further away’ that your ex becomes from the breakup, the more nostalgia he will feel over your relationship with him.

In other words, he will forget most of the bad times and instead, be thinking about all those good times you had together.

So, in essence, this is actually something you should be relatively pleased about, because it can work out well in your favor. Sounds odd right now, I know, but it’s TRUE.

Still not convinced? Okay, so here’s something else to consider…

The stuff you’re going to learn about here is potentially going to make you more attractive to your ex than the girl he is currently dating.

Be Cool…

And just one last word about this…

You might notice that much of what you are actually doing during the period of no contact is working towards bettering yourself.

It’s not going to be an easy ride. Nevertheless, doing what I’m suggesting to you, recommending that you do, imploring that you do, will help you through the healing process.

Oh, and there is this – you might find that after a while, you may not want to get back with your ex. After all, far stranger things have happened.

 Means Of Contact

That was a lot of stuff we’ve already discussed. We’ve not even talked about making contact with the ex as of yet. Well, at this point, we do just that.

There’s much debate about this step in the process. Many experts have a different opinion about it – about how you should make first contact with your ex.

Some recommend that you ought to write a ‘get your boyfriend back’ type of letter. Others say that you ought to call them. And then others will tell you to text them. So, what’s best?

Truthfully, there is no best method. Each individual relationship has its’ differences to another, and thus will require a different set of methods. Some prefer to make a call, where others prefer to write a letter or text.

For me, I prefer to text. A phone call just seems a little bit too upfront at this point in time. So from here, I’ll be working with this method and the best practices for using it. However, why do I prefer texting?

text your ex back

Why I Prefer Texting My Ex

As I said, texting is my preference when getting back in touch with an ex-girlfriend. And there are a number of reasons for that.

So, if you are somewhat hesitant about texting, hopefully what I’m about to say will sway you over to my line of thinking. But first, let’s have a look at each method individually, beginning with…

A Phone Call

Many relationship experts recommend making a phone call (once the period of no contact has reached its’ conclusion).

I’ve read through numerous accounts where ladies have achieved success with a phone call. Nevertheless, I will still stick to my guns and discuss with you why it is that I am not a proponent of using the phone.

Firstly, a phone call does not allow you much time to think. Secondly, when (or if) your ex picks up, you really do have to be at your best, and there’s a lot that can go wrong. And that’s not to mention he still may be hurting and resentful about the break-up.

 Writing a Letter

Not sure how you feel about this, but if I received a letter from an ex-girlfriend, well, I might feel a little on the creeped-out side of life. And that’s the very last thing you want to happen.

You don’t want to come across as being a creepy sort, or in any way ‘stalkerish’. Plus, if you write the letter in the wrong manner, it can definitely do far more bad than it will do good.


I can’t really think of any disadvantages with respect to texting. Texts are often seen as ‘sacred’. What that means is that people don’t often share them with anyone else.

And that makes them very intimate. You are at liberty to share cute images and all sorts of fun things like that. Plus, it’s impossible to raise your voice or to lose your temper over a text message. Well, unless you choose the words in that sort of fashion. Which is of course not what you are intent on doing.

I would not hesitate to say however, that the biggest advantage to using text messaging is that you can take your time over it and think it through very carefully and clearly. For obvious reasons, you can’t possibly do this with a phone call.

The Game Plan

Before you go head-strong in your approach to get your boyfriend back with you, you are going to need some sort of plan. Am I correct?

Well, as it happens, I have come up with what to me is the ultimate of game plans for getting an ex back! And here, at this point, I present to you…


Original, huh?

Here we are going to check-out a number of really cool psychological tricks that, when (and I do say “when”, not “if”)… when implemented correctly, will give you every sporting chance – the best chance possible – to get your ex back!


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  • Good info. Lucky me I came across your site by accident (stumbleupon).
    I have saved as a favorite for later!

  • lolakhg September 24, 2014, 8:20 pm

    Okay, so my boyfriend left me in what i thought was a mutual break up maybe in early april. We have been fighting a lot and just over protective and it wasn’t healthy. The real reason (I believe) was that I wasn’t in school with him anymore, and we became distant with all the time we had to spend doing other things. he didnt have time for me at all, the only time i would see him was when i was picking him up to take him to a required event or when i was bringing him food. He told me he wanted to be in the musical, so being a supportive girlfriend i pushed him to do it. That made our relationship harder because we had NO time together. So, during play practice, he met a girl a cute girl that i guess he ‘Fell” for. The thing is, this kid had ALWAYS had girlfriends. there is no telling when he falls for someone. he broke up with me and we kept our distance. i let myself go and begged on my knees for him to come back, called and called plenty of times (what he used to do to me when i would want to break up) and he was more sure of the break up than ever by the way i responded. I’m young but I really love him. He was there with me through the unexpected death of my mother and knows my family situation very well. he opened up full heartedly to me aswell. Since we had such an emotional bond, i was distraught he found a new girlfriend. Whats even weirder for me is she has the same name! She was my friend too.

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