How to Talk to Your Guy without Turning Him Off

What’s the best way to make him listen to what you’re trying to say? Why is it that every time you talk to him it ends up in a heated argument?

“Your mom’s really annoying me to the ninth level.”

“My ex used to always [insert his good deeds].”

“I’m fine! Okay?”

“You know, we wouldn’t be in this situation if you didn’t…”

Yup, you definitely don’t want to say those things to your guy. Sadly, many women are guilty of carelessly throwing seemingly innocent comments that are actually hurtful or annoying for their husbands (or boyfriends).

In order to know how to talk better to your man, you first need to learn the three types of communication styles that turn him off.

3 Communication Styles That Really Irritates Him

  1. Passive communication – Denying your feelings and thoughts will not help you (or him). If you want him to fulfill your needs, let him know first what you really want.
  2. Aggressive communication –Using threats, alienating statements, raising your voice, and/or sporting hostile facial expressions will surely make him lose all his love and respect for you.
  3. Passive-Aggressive communication –If you’re mad, don’t put on a fake smile and say you’re perfectly fine. Saying one thing, but mean the other will always leave him in a confuse state.

Which style of communication are you guilty of? If you don’t want to strain your relationship and harbor ill feelings towards each other, let go of these poor communication styles and choose the best style.

The Communication Style Your Man Finds Really Sexy

Assertive communication means that you stand up for your rights without trampling on your man’s rights during the process. You clearly state your thoughts, feelings, and what you want while remaining respectful, calm and actively listening.

It’s not an “I win/you lose” kind of communication style. The ultimate goal is to make you both a winner in every situation.

For instance, he innocently forgot your anniversary. What’s worse, he has a ton of work to do on that day.

I know this is a grave offense on your list. And it’s so tempting to say all the hurtful words you could think of, hang up the phone, and give him the cold shoulder when he gets home. Correct?

Hold that urge. Instead, calmly say: “I know you didn’t mean to forget, but I’m really hurt that you forgot our anniversary. I was really looking forward to spending this special occasion with you.”

By using the “I am disappointed” line while maintaining a calm demeanor, your guy will surely want to make it up to you—BIG time.

That wasn’t so stressful, right? You didn’t only make him want to make it up to you, but you also avoided a heated argument and maintain a good relationship.

To sum it up, ladies, you clearly want to avoid the following communication styles: passive, aggressive and passive-aggressive. Master the art of assertive communication to make your relationship more peaceful, loving and long-lasting.


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