Learning How to Stop Being Negative in Your Relationship and Your Man

Expert at finding faults in your man and the relationship itself? For some unknown reason, it’s always easy to find the faults of the other person. Why is that?

Perhaps it could be because you have unmet needs. Or perhaps it could be because of your work, responsibilities at home, money, or personal traumas that make you negative towards your partner.

A healthy relationship has no need for negativity. Couples involved in this kind of relationship only have words of healing, encouragement, and love for each other. They’re each other’s number one supporter.

A negative relationship couldn’t be more the opposite. It slowly kills the spirit of the people involved.

What’s worse, negativity is contagious. Even when it’s only you who’s negative, your man could slowly become negative, too.

How a Negative Partner Might Sound Like

Let’s name the couple as Ben and Margaret. Ben is almost at the brink of his wits because his wife is so critical and a negative thinker.

If Ben suggested a camping trip, Margaret quickly opposes the idea by expressing her worries about wild bears, poisonous plants, killer bees, and snakes.

Instead of gushing over Ben for a wonderful dinner date, Margaret can’t stop ranting about the expensive food and poor customer service.

When Ben bought a new pair of shoes, all Margaret could say is that they don’t look good on him and how much of a spender he is.

And there was the Christmas gift that Ben’s aunt gave her. She said, “I don’t like it.”

Are you a Margaret, too?

Effective communication is a basic need in any successful relationship. If you can’t express your negative thoughts or emotions constructively, it’s going to affect how you relate to your man.

If your negative attitude will persist, it won’t be surprising if he grows resentful or leave his marriage for good.

But, of course, we are here to prevent that from happening. Here’s how to solve your dilemma.

How to Cultivate a Positive Relationship

If you’ve been negative for so long, it’ll take some time to reverse this kind of thinking. For starters, try pinpointing the root cause of your negativity. Whenever you’re irritated towards your partner for no apparent reason, stop and reflect.

Now take out your pen and paper. Think of every praise-worthy qualities of your man. Write all of them down.

For instance, he washed the dishes last night. He volunteers to take out the trash. Or he might have helped you with other household chores without being told.

Try asking your girlfriends about their personal “horror story” about their partners. In that way, you can see how lucky you are with your man.

The point is for you stop focusing on the negatives in your relationship or man. Cultivate a positive relationship by praising him for his good qualities every chance you get. This will surely help him feel respected, valued, and loved.


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