How to Save My Relationship With My Boyfriend

Are you sick and tired of all this fighting with your man and wonder how to save your relationship? You probably are and to be honest, fighting is healthy up to a certain extent. But when it drags on unnecessarily and becomes a contest about who is going to win this one, that is when it becomes unhealthy.

It is completely natural to want to win a fight, but you need to learn to draw the line somewhere. If your partner is being too stubborn to drop it or to be the bigger person and try to end it, you need to take a stand, putting your ego aside, and just negotiate.

A healthy relationship is always the one where couples learn to negotiate and work towards their relationship, no matter how much they fight. It is about knowing what to fight for, and knowing when the fight is completely useless. So there should always be a healthy balance.

Why Fights Occur:

Fights usually occur when there is a misunderstanding or when one partner wants the other partner’s attention because they feel that they are not being given enough attention by their partner. It is also common practice to fight just for the heck of fighting.

But that usually happens when a partner is too annoyed, either by the relationship itself or other things, and wants to take out his or her frustrations. The latter is completely unhealthy for a relationship because it shows signs of weak communication and absolutely no bonding between partners.

Only you can figure out what the root cause of your fight is. But figuring that out takes a little bit of patience on your part. If you are completely hot headed about and during the fight, you will not be able to think clearly and both of you will just go on trying to win the argument.

Also, if you are fighting over a baseless argument, then it is just best to end the argument and fight as soon as possible. Fighting over a baseless argument is the worst form of fight. This is because, it will lead you to no result and the fight basically just drags on to see who will come out victorious.

Being the Bigger Person:

Being the bigger person costs nothing, yet it saves everything. This is because, if you become the bigger person in a fight, you genuinely want to end the fight instead of prolonging it, just because you are not ready to lose, or your ego is too big.

This helps when your fight is a general fight and not directed towards any specific point or issue. Even if there is a little misunderstanding and it is not your fault, you can simply end it by saying “I am sorry”.

Why would you want to fight when the fight itself is based on a useless argument? It is best to end it, and even if your partner does not see it yet, he will soon start realizing how all the fuss created has no substantial point to it.

It is also best if, instead of fighting, you try to understand each other and talk it through. Talking helps you avoid unnecessary drama and helps you come to a substantial point. Through talking you can also analyze if this was going to be a pointless argument or not. Because a pointless argument would have led you two to fight, regardless if you tried talking it through.

A relationship is all about compromise and helping each other. Most fights just ruin the relationship instead of helping it out. Learn to let go of a pointless fight.

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