How to Make My Boyfriend Respect Me

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Do you set healthy boundaries with your man? Many women in a relationship don’t. and ask how do i make him respect me more?

You might feel uneasy setting firm but flexible limits with your man, and I’m not surprise. Many of us were told to repress our emotions and thoughts as a child. Otherwise, we get branded as disrespectful or punished for our audacity.

Understand, however, that setting up healthy emotional and physical boundaries is part of your personal growth and a healthy relationship. It’s your guiding light to prevent yourself from getting lost in a relationship.

You can’t be too rigid or too loose in this case.

Loose or Rigid Boundaries Create Dysfunctional Relationships

how to make him respect me and get him commit to a relationship

What does a woman with loose boundaries look like? Women with loose boundaries live soap-opera-like lives—full of drama. They’re confused, sexually loose, need constant reassurance, take others’ emotions as their own, and easily get comfy with someone.

How to Make My Boyfriend Respect Me

Women with rigid boundaries, on the other hand, are your “independent women.” They don’t like to ask for help. They’ve built this imaginary wall, which doesn’t let anyone get close to them, emotionally or physically.

Instead of showing their true needs, feelings, and thoughts, they let their partners do all the decisions just to get along. “His needs before my own” is their motto.

Men Respect Women with Flexible but Firm Healthy Boundaries

You don’t want to be on the extreme ends of the spectrum. You need to strike a healthy balance with your boundaries. You’ll be more successful in gaining your man’s love and respect if you set firm but flexible boundaries.

But first, you need to identify what constitutes your needs and rights as a separate individual. You need to know who you really are.

You and your man will not always share the same opinions, and that’s alright. Just be open-minded and listen to what he has to say, but you don’t have to accept all his ideas as your own.

If you don’t agree with him, calmly but firmly speak up your suggestions or ideas. Learn the art of proper negotiation and compromise. In that way, he will know what to expect and where you stand.

You don’t have to be aloof or distant from your man. True, you’re responsible for your own happiness, but don’t deprive your man of the opportunity to be also responsible for your happiness.

When to Speak Up and Shut Up

how to get your boyfriend to commit and respect you more

Admittedly, there’s always a time to “shut up” and “speak up.” That’s something you need to discern carefully.

For instance, if your man comes home complaining about his boss giving him too much work he can handle, stay quiet and delay judgement. Give him time to think things over, so he can pinpoint what he should do next.

Doing this gives him the impression that you have great faith in him, thus earning his respect.


Just to sum it up, ladies, setting up limits with your man is okay. In fact, it’s healthy, as long as your boundaries are firm but flexible. Do this and earn your man’s respect and affection throughout your relationship.

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