How to Make an Ex-Boyfriend Regret Losing You—Effective Ways Shared

Your boyfriend left you. And now you want him to regret doing so.

You want him to regret it so much that he’ll come crawling back to you. Did I get that right?

Here’s the thing. This stunt you want to pull off is not going to be easy. Because you and your ex is most likely not in good terms right now.

So, I’m not going to guarantee you 100% success. BUT I’ll surely help you take your chances up a few notches.

Does that sound good to you? If yes, then let’s resume.

Common Belief: Men never regret leaving their girlfriends.

Fact: Lots of men DO regret it.

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Well, no one really knows exactly how many males all over the world feel regretful after leaving a relationship.

But if you use one of those free keyword volume tools online, you’ll see that men more than women look for tips on how to get their exes back.

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How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Regret Leaving You

When it comes to hiding emotions after a breakup, women are at the “novice” level. Men, on other hand, are at the “expert” level.

You can’t really blame them. Guys were raised to believe that showing of emotions is a sign of weakness. And this notion doesn’t particularly suit well with a guy’s ego.

That’s why if you ask any guy if they ever regretted leaving their girlfriend, their most likely answer would be “of course not.”

But of course, that’s only a front. The truth of the matter is the feeling of regret usually kicks in within 3 days to 1 month after a breakup.

That fast? Yes!

Look. Let’s say you’ve been with your ex for around more than a year or so. It would only be natural that he’ll miss you and the usual stuff you do together. When this realization hits him, he would feel doubtful of his decision of letting you go.

Of course, men are pretty headstrong. Most would refuse to acknowledge the fact that they might have made a big boo-boo of breaking up with you.

He’s young, wild and finally free, so you bet he’ll party hard and find new girls to fill your role. That’s an attempt on his part to feel good and dismiss any notions of going back to you.

If Lady Luck’s on his side, he will achieve his goals. But if he’s unlucky, the girlfriend position will still remain vacant. And then he’ll surely slowly realize just how good he had it with you.

But enough about him, let’s focus on you. What are the things you can do to make him really regret letting you go?

Two Things You Can Do to Make your Ex Boyfriend Regret Leaving You

#1: Temporarily Cut Off Your Communication Lines

One time, I was checking my Facebook News Feed and found this really interesting article. It tells about the breakup story of a young couple, who seemed to have the perfect relationship.

The girl was real devastated and clueless why the breakup even happened. But when the girl was asked to talk more about her relationship with her ex, the real culprit of their recent break up became obvious.

Turns out, they were texting and calling each other 24/7. The guy got bored with her, thus the break up.

So… what does their story have to do with you again?

To avoid suffering the same fate (again), I want you to stop communicating with your ex. And that means NO texts, emails, online chats, and phone conversations.


We want fear to creep into his system. We want him to feel afraid of losing you and realize how much you really mean to him. If you pull that off, he will surely try to contact you.

(“But when should I break my silence?”)

Answer: You can lift the communication ban after 2 to 4 weeks. But before you try contacting him, here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Talking all day long is unacceptable.
  • Make sure your messages are brief and intriguing.
  • Wait for 10 to 15 minutes before responding to his texts. You don’t want to give the impression that you’re too available.
  • Contact him again the next day? Definitely a big no-no. Remember, your goal is to make him keep guessing and miss you enough that he can’t stop checking his phone to see if you’ve texted or called.

(“Wait, what should I text him?”)

No need for flowery words. Perhaps you could say something like: “I made pancakes for breakfast today. I just remembered how much you like it when I make pancakes for you.”

After that, all you can do is hope that he will give a reply.

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#2: Focus On Improving Yourself

Seriously, don’t make him the center of your universe. Guys find it more attractive if women have a life outside their relationship.

It takes a lot of pressure on his part because he’ll feel that you’re not too dependent on him for everything.

Remember, you must become an ex-girlfriend that’s worth regretting. And you can accomplish exactly that by simply focusing your attention and energy on improving yourself.

  • Have your own “adventure time.” Try something that’s exciting and new to you.
  • Get fit and/or having a complete makeover.
  • Read books, blogs, audio materials, videos that talk about self-improvement.

It’s not a walk in the park, but you have to do everything you can to become a happier person.

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  • Emilly 2307710 July 14, 2014, 3:42 am

    i have an ex-boyfriend of almost 2 months. Actually, we got into a fight few days before our 6th monthsary, it was april, plus i don’t think this is the reason why he chose to break as guys doesn’t tell the real reasons, i got a strong feeling it’s because i kept texting guys and make him feels like my feelings for him aren’t true. he was so hurt that he chose to break up. i did deadly mistakes like begging him and cried and etc… i regret a lot because i haven’t realize i shouldn’t do that before until i research on the internet. we broke up around middle month of may, because i keep holding on- on the relationship and yes a bad move. we can’t turn back time though~ he still say i love yous, miss yous, kiss me, hug me and etc but he still wants to break up, weird. i kept texting him until i read an article about the no contact, so i started no contact a week after the break up. 2 days after the no contact, he tries to text me asking me if i expect a text from him which i don’t but i didn’t reply. he keeps texting me thought that im trying to revenge because when i text him before, he ignores it. he spammed he and it sounds urgent. i ended up replying him which i regret. he said he want to fix something so i replied what is it? he said sorry because he ignore me that day during my exam(i actually graduated from school, just retake some subjects which i didn’t get a credit). so i replied him what else he wanna say? he said he needs his papers back for his exam because he wanna revise(trust me, he never revise for that subject because he’s already good in that subject), he said he wanna come and take it but then he never did came. and he keeps saying he smokes and stuff(i stopped him from smoking because yeahh i care for his health.) after that conversation, i restart no contact the next day for 30 days til 21st of june. so i start to initiate contact with him but he doesn’t reply me. i text few time not spamming or anything, i waited few days then i text him. but still he doesn’t reply. he removes me from fb last month and yesterday he removes me from ig. i was like whuat? he used my account and went to his account to and unfollow himself. i don’t mind him using my account because instagram has no privacy stuff. since he’s not gonna reply to my texts, im gonna meet him tomorrow and have a talk with him~ i actually felt better during the no contact, my feelings and everything improves. i don’t really feel depressed and im much more confident, but still whenever i meet him, i feel nervous.. i told my best friend and my close guy-cousin about my problem, about what he said when we were in the verge of breaking up. they told me he was actually giving me a chance which i think he don’t.. when he keep mentioning about breaking, i feel weird that he keeps asking if any guys texted me(he asked this question daily when we are still together, even before when we are because there are guys texting me like strangers, friends and weird ppl and he hates it when guys text and when i reply thim) i kinda have a feeling when he asked this question like he’s trying to hint me or something but i didn’t realize that time. one time i say to him that he still ask bout if guys texted, he said to me you didn’t realize i don’t asked anymore? what should i do now though?

  • Katie October 2, 2014, 9:50 pm

    Hi. My ex boyfriend broke up with me 1 week ago and ever since then I have been sitting in my room going crazy over things blaming myself and wondering how to get him back. We were together for 1 year and 3 months and after been together for 8 months he moved away which meant that for the past 5 months we have been living apart and seeing each other only on the weekends. The past couple of weeks I’ll admit were really difficult we argued almost every day, mostly it was because I didn’t want to be in a long distance relationship and I wanted to make him feel guilty and move back home. I know that this was wrong of me and i’m so proud of him though he is starting a boat building apprenticeship but now he says he won’t be able to come home as often and he also isn’t going to be here for the summer holidays. I said that it was alright and we would be able to find a way to make it work, I would honestly do anything to get this guy back he is one of a kind truly amazing and I cant see my life without him. Anyway he called it off saying he wants to concentrate on his work and now he is saying that he just wants to be free he wants to be able to do what he wants without having to think about what I would say. I am really hurt that he would say this because when you are in any relationship this is what you do, and I am also hurt because I was the one who gave him a second chance after he broke my heart for the first time and I gave him another chance 6 months later and he promised that he would never do this again. I am so hurt and I don’t know how to get him back because I really want him back. I love him soooooooooo much and deep down I know that he still feels the same. Please help me to win my boy back. I dont want to be with any other guys and I dont want him to be with another girl. I really need him back.

  • kimberli December 4, 2014, 12:48 pm

    It was out of the blue. Very nasty, calculating, and mean. (The get out my house now by text). Sad part about it he has 10 yr old he’s raising that adore’s me and the 3of us together. Not only he dumped me. His daughter saw and heard how ugly her dad was. She told me its all his fault. We been together almost 4 yrs and lived together for over a yr. Am confused ,devestated, lost right now. I love them both and really thought we were a family. I know am fussy and moody, but I never stopped caring for both of them. This is the kicker, he’s 61 yrs old acting like this. Am 46 and don’t have children. But took her as mine. What’s does he want or looking for?

  • Maria December 6, 2014, 10:13 pm

    It was enlightening… I was with my fiancé 5 years and have broken up … It’s 2.5 months… No contact nothing from both parties… Bad break up… He left packed and left… Had had a bit to drink and was shouting… I have not spoken to him since… Does he regret leaving me?? Did I mean anything to him?? I mean no contact…

  • Anonymous January 19, 2015, 8:16 am

    Okay so my ex boyfriend broke up with me and this was the second time we had broken up….I gave him so many chances and he stuffed it up and so I have basically removed him from my life. He has hurt me a lot. I Lost my virginity to him after we had broken up…stupid I know…. And then he wouldn’t talk to me so I just walked away. I want to make him regret hurting me and breaking up with me. I want him to come back begging and I need help to do that. Please..!!!

  • Janice October 1, 2016, 3:06 am

    I was in a rltnshp for day I told something rude to my bf n he changed 180 degrees after dat.. after a mnth he said he has no feelings for the way he loved me I cnt blv ds that he has no r in same gym. I really felt yesterday he was bhving normal he jst has no feelings for lost..i want him back. In gym he talks wd me bt nvr msgs me. He said one day dat he cares for me. Bt he has no feelings. He nvr contacts me I also don’ I hav a strong Intuition dat he still loves me.. bt I am wrong I knw..he has moved on..within 2mnths

  • anonymous November 29, 2016, 10:31 am

    I and my ex boyfriend broke up a while ago. According to him I had to change my attitude and behavior because when I’m angry, I tend to speak whatever comes into my head. I know it is wrong. Well I tried to change. And within a few months I did change. But After a few days I had to log into his facebook account for some issue and he got so offended by it, that he said you exhausted all your chances and got into a relationship with another girl in 2 days. will he ever realise my importance again?

  • molly April 10, 2017, 2:50 am

    We’re are all going to be fine. And they will regret it. Stay strong.

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