How to Handle Conflict in a Relationship

Wonder how to handle conflict in relationships? So there was ample chemistry, you completely clicked and you began dating! Didn’t get the happily ever after you had so blissfully envisioned? Let’s guess what happened; somewhere along the line you comfortably fell into a routine and inadvertently began taking each other for granted.

You overlooked the little things which clearly lead to bigger things and now you have you have a royal mess created for yourself. Figuring your way out is going to be a tumultuous road, but trust us, not an impossible one.

If there is a misunderstanding of any sort, we suggest you clear it out by having “THE TALK”!

Get to the root

Problems and issues have an innate habit of getting accumulated and piled up. Like a domino effect, they destroy everything that engulfs them hence you need to grab it by the hair and pull the problem right from the root! Every relationship is based on a few principles; trust, integrity, honesty and of course mutual respect.

If any of these aspects is missing from your equation then you can completely expect to kiss your precious relationship goodbye.

Ego does it!

That’s right. Get rid of your ego and forget that it even exists. That’s the way the cookie crumbles and that’s exactly the motto you should be following.

Understand that if you want the train to go ahead and move smoothly then frankly you need to leave the monster called ego on one side and plunge with the aim that things will not go as smoothly as you envisioned originally.

The extra mile

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If it makes a difference, even a small one, then go the extra mile to make it happen. If he likes the house to be in a certain order or if he likes things to be in a certain way then we suggest you just make that extra effort to maintain a certain zing and spark in a relationship.

Compatibility clicks

If you know you are compatible, that’s great, honestly, it is. However, it doesn’t stop there; it’s the fact that just the beginning. You need to work upon your relationship and that also in a way and manner that will get you to accomplish what you want. Be a bit more forgiving; forget the harshness and the fact that he can have innumerable annoying habits. Focus on the good and forget the bad and trust us, deal with him and your relationship will seem much better and approachable in the long run.

Smooth out the edges

When things become rough, adjust your sails or so they say. Understand that as individuals, there is a lot we tend to do or say that affects our lives in general.

When actions and words begin to hurt the other person, that’s when we need to draw a straight line. Don’t push him to the brink of insanity with your silly and ridiculous actions. It’s all about molding yourself according to his ways so that you both become the perfect fit that even others find enviable.

Talk, talk and more talk!

You need to comprehend that only by opening your mouth will you every get to the core of every issue. Piling up stuff inside is not going to accomplish anything; instead, it will only make you more frustrated over time.

At the end of it, it’s all about psychology. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it, it’s not what you do, and it’s how you do it. Understand that being a female demands you to show your feminine side and being someone who can adjust and manage herself according to the temperament of others is what makes a difference.

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