How to Get Your ‘Spark’ Back

We all have those periods in our relationships where we do not feel like communicating with each other, or we feel that there is no excitement anymore. Our relationship feels stale and we just begin to think that maybe this relationship is not working out anymore, or maybe we were not meant to be.

In long term relationships, having a period such as this is completely normal. You reach a point where you think that this is it and that it cannot go any longer than this. Then you start thinking how it even survived this long. This is the point where you need to change something. You probably have a routine which you have been following ever since the start of the relationship, and all this might just be happening because it feels too monotonous.

Getting the Spark back:

When your relationship comes to this point, do not be overwhelmed or worried. Everything has a life cycle and periods of stagnancy. Your relationship is just on that period and it is completely okay, because it is completely natural. The more you get bothered by this, the less likely you will be able to take corrective actions to fix this. Here are a few ways in which you can get your spark back:

Bring in a few changes:

Change the way things have been functioning. Bring in something new. Add a little spice to your life. For instance, take your boyfriend out to watch a movie like old times, be a little silly together, take a long walk back home instead of getting back in a taxi.

Look Pretty for Him:

When was the last time you made a conscious effort to look pretty around him? Probably a while back right? Buy a new dress, do your makeup and hair, and take him out on a romantic date.

Talk about Memories:

Talk to him about how you two first met, and how your first date was like. You might just be able to bring up a lot more stories like this which will lead to a perfect night of bonding over past memories and laughter. Take out pictures and look at those together.

Mutual Interest:

Do things that mutually interest the both of you. For instance, there must be some music that you both like listening to, or a really old movie that you both liked.


Talking about how you both feel about your relationship will probably help you solve a lot of your problems. You might even find out why your relationship feels like a dead-end, and how you can eliminate this dead-end to carry on being happy with each other.

Praise each other:

Talk about how much you love your partner. Tell him what qualities you find attractive in him and what makes him so unique. Everyone loves to be praised and appreciated. Do just this and it will make him feel loved and appreciated.

Do something you haven’t done before:

Write your man a secret love letter and then mail it to him. When he receives it, he is likely to be immensely surprised and would love the gesture.

Tell others about your Partner:

Tell other people, for instance your friends, how much you love your partner and how he is everything for you. If he is around you at that point, he is likely to appreciate you for it. If not, then it will just serve as a reminder for you that you love him dearly.

Remember that never be scared when your relationship comes to this point. It is just a natural process when you have been committed for so long. Work through it and it is likely to be all fine in a short period of time. Most of the problem is just in one’s head.

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