How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back, Or If Not…Get Back At Her

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If you’re asking the question ”how to get my ex girlfriend back” this will be the most important content you ever read. Even if she dumped you because you weren’t good enough for her, you may still want her back. Perhaps there is something in you that believes she’s right.

Maybe you didn’t treat her well enough. Maybe you didn’t pay enough attention to her. Maybe it really wasn’t you, it was her. Whatever the case was that she left you have two options.

You can get her back, or you can get back at her. Both are going to involve the same game plan. The best way to get her back? Be all those things she wanted you to be. The best way to get back at her? Be all those things she wanted you to be, but be them for someone else.

The best way to live life is through learning from our mistakes. The biggest problem may be that you don’t exactly know what mistakes you made.

You tried to be everything that she wanted, but you failed miserably. It is time to take stock of your relationship. Instead of doing what everyone does, remember only the good times, dig deeper to remember the times when things weren’t so good.

The first step is to think about the times you fought. Not only will they help you get over her if you can’t win her back, they will help you discover what went wrong.

Guys rarely listen to what a woman is really saying. They are so overwhelmed by the emotions contained within the message that they forget to listen to what is being said.

During your arguments, she no doubt told you all of the things that you were doing wrong. You just weren’t opening your ears well enough to hear.

Once you find out what it was that you were doing so terribly wrong, realize that she isn’t going to be the only woman to come along who isn’t going to appreciate that you never took her out.

Girls in general aren’t going to like that you spend all your time with your friends. No girl is going to fall head over heals in love with a guy who thinks McDonalds is a restaurant. So, if you want to win her back, you have to change those things that are going to change your future overall.

The key to either getting her back, or getting back at her, is to make yourself exactly what women want. The clues were all in front of you, you just weren’t listening.

By making yourself the guy of her dreams, you will become the guy of every girl’s dreams. If she was just destined to use you and break your heart, then you are going to be better off finding a new girl to waste your time on.

Once you have created the persona that she wanted, it is time to prove yourself to her. You can’t beg her to come back, that will only prove that you haven’t really changed at all.


You have to play hard to get. Make sure to show up where you know she will be and don’t give her the time of day. Dress in the things she loved and have money on hand.

When you see her, simply say “hello”. Proceed to pull out the charm for another girl in the room. When she sees how charming you can be, and that you are being for someone else the guy she always wanted you to be for her, she will be begging to have you back.

If all else fails, you have the skills now to be the guy of every girl’s fantasy. Next time listen better, love more, and don’t ignore her needs.

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