How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Using “No Contact” Scheme – The Reasons It’s Extremely Effective

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back When

He Broke Up With You

1Perhaps you have tried all sorts of things on how to get your ex boyfriend back when he broke up with you and none gave an opportunity to lead you a bit closer to realizing your desire. There is a huge possibility that you have heard many people advise you to give up what you have been doing to win your ex back and just try the “no contact” scheme.

At a glance, it does seem like a ridiculous course of action to take your ex to love you again, doesn’t it? The plan of getting your ex back by not trying anything sounds totally illogical. Believe it or not, that kind of plan works. In the succeeding sections, you will find the reasons why the said scheme works well in taking your ex lover back when everything else failed.

Absence Does Make a Heart Miss the Person Terribly

Not being deluged by emotions, flocked by memories, and relentlessly exposed to someone can create an opportunity to make you see beyond the negative occurrences and view the positive. When more than enough time has passed, the fragments of memories that include petty annoyances, clashes, arguments, and disputes – vanish.

Only good memories are left, a sense of longing, and the things that your ex lover misses about you. Remembering your time together and all the good things might be a good opportunity to take your ex back.

Your Lover Won’t be Able to Know Your Importance Unless You’re Totally Out of the Picture. Let your lover feel what it’s like if you’re not around anymore – no more bugging and any effort to take your ex back.

If you are a presence that had been with your lover all the time, then sooner or later your lover will realize that he or she is missing something or someone – you. Keep in mind that your presence (i.e. constant bugging) might be enough for your lover.

Your ex lover gets your undivided attention, love, caring, and friendship without the need to return your affection. Wait for your ex lover to call you (even though you are itching to do it) because at such time when your ex finally does, you gain a huge chance of getting back your ex lover.

Time Is the Best Healer of Wounds

communication in relationship

Although things ended awfully and everything that should have never been said had been uttered, put faith in time to soothe the pain, close the wounds, and heal the broken hearts.

You will be able to take your ex back as soon as the pain subsides, the longing becomes unimaginable, and/or your ex realizes that you are irreplaceable. Have ample amount of patience if you really want to take your ex back because the healing will definitely take a lot of time.

There are no special incantations or spells that you need to cast to make this work. All you need is allow time to do its wonders. If you meet accidentally on the street, don’t avoid him or her – just go with the flow but don’t initiate the conversation, let your ex do that.

You also need to think about where you want your relationship to go; of course you should be open to your lover’s opinion when you finally get back together. Let time lead your ex back to you.

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