How to Get Over a Breakup

Breakups hurt and they can hurt so badly; but even if you are deeply hurting, there’s no point in wallowing in sadness and despair.  You can do something better than that while you try to mend the pieces of your shattered dreams and broken heart. 

How to Get Over a Breakup Video

Pain comes in different flavors.  You probably have experienced the pain that goes with extreme longing.  You experienced that kind of pain every time your beloved was not around.  There is also the kind of pain that comes from extreme pleasure.  Just like in the past, the pain you feel now will go away.  Focus on yourself and move on. Move on fast. 

Listed below are steps on how to get over a break up and stop the pain.  Prepare for the moment of sweet liberation. 

How to Get Over a Breakup – It’s a Waste of Time Looking for the Reason

No matter how you try to figure out where it has gone wrong, you should come to one conclusion:  the loving feeling is no longer there.  It is not what he or she did or lacked.  It’s not what you failed to do.  Accept it.  There’s no more going back unless you can make that person fall in love with you all over again. 

This is because true love goes beyond appearances and actions.  Love understands.  Love forgives.  Tell yourself that it is over.  It will be easier to find your strength this way. 

How to Get Over a Breakup – Be in Control

Kill the memories and be in control.  Do the following:

  • Keep away pictures showing both of you together and those that show that person grinning or giving you a hug.  If you can, burn them.  Pictures have the power to slow down people.  Make sure nothing’s going to hold you back. 
  • Avoid familiar places.  Build an imaginary wall around you.  Don’t pass through a house where one time that person was in.  There’s a bigger world waiting for you. 
  • Along with avoiding familiar places, do new activities.  Start taking cooking lessons or joining organizations for worthwhile causes.  Your life is not going to end here, so hone your talents and look at yourself with a fresh view.  You can be a more beautiful person than before. 
  • Don’t give that person a call or wonder what he or she is doing.  Make it clear that you are ready to move on alone.  That person must be the one to beg, not you. 

How to Get Over a Breakup – Write and Talk to Yourself

Friends are great companions during a breakup.  You can tell them how you feel and cry over their shoulder.  You can be yourself in their presence.  But if there are no friends for you to talk to, talk to yourself. 

Talk to yourself because this is a time for self-definition and self-realization.  It is time to see yourself from your own point of view. 

However, be honest and give yourself fair judgment. Face the mirror and come up with a consensus together with the image before you.  Know how useful your life can be, go beyond the feeling and find a greater meaning for your existence. 

Next, write on a piece of paper the the things that you ought to change and correct.  First on the list, write “I will no longer be defined by my past or by any feeling that’s pulling me back.”  Have two or three more resolutions to add on the list.  Then, go to the furnace and throw that paper into the fire.  That will help you pick yourself up. 

How to Get Over a Breakup – Don’t Be Chained by Hatred

You might find yourself filled with resentment over that person for wasting your time and energy.  You may also feel furious over the fact that you have let this happen to you.  The feeling is normal, but you should not let hate rule you.  Let it only guide you to the right decisions.  Use it to keep reminding yourself that you have to take good care of yourself.  Remember, if you misuse hate, it will backfire on you.  You will lose peace while hate will diminish your chances for happiness. 

How to Get Over a Breakup – It’s the Time for a New Beginning