How To Get Over a Bad Break Up


Continuing on from our last article where we finished by discussing physical changes you can make that will have your ex impressed so much that he will find you irresistible.

And now we want to focus on what sort of physical changes you can actually make…

Getting Over A Break Up

The Sort of Physical Changes You Can Make…

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Change your hairstyle: for sure, I can’t claim to be a hairstyle guru, but the fact is that all the relationship experts claim the same thing. And that is, changing a hairstyle can be an excellent way to achieve a really good look. I don’t have to spell it out to you however, as I’m sure you’re well aware of that.

Shape-up: for a variety of reasons, this is a good idea, even more so, if you are a little overweight. Nevertheless, if you did work-out a lot prior to your breakup, don’t let this – your current scenario – deter you from continuing. Working out is a good way to alleviate a lot of those built-up tensions after all. Not to mention the necessity for regular daily exercise for general health reasons.

Your diet: focusing on a good diet is a fine way to improve how you feel about yourself (and how you appear).

Update your wardrobe: go on – get out there and do some shopping! Enjoy yourself. Be selfish and spend your money on some really nice clothes!

Your smile: I’m not necessarily talking about smiling more often, although there’s certainly no harm. I am referring to how you can achieve a better smile. I mean, for example, if your teeth are in need of a whitening session, get to the dentist and make an appointment.

Either that, or if money is tight – yeah, it’s a costly proposition to get teeth whitening at the dentist – then try one of the teeth whitening products. Some do actually work pretty decently.

Skin issues: if you are suffering from some skin issues – acne, moles, whatever… make a point to get them/ this dealt with. Yes, it might be uncomfortable for you to think about, but you need to suck it up and deal with the situation.

(No recommendations for plastic surgery, or anything of a similar nature! That is an entirely unnecessary pursuit!!)

Mental Changes

Now that you are more aware of the sort of physical changes you may wish to make, let’s think about what is actually a more challenging issue to deal with. Mental state.

One of the key assets about the no-contact period is that it allows you some time to calm down. This section is all about how to make it through the after-shock of your break-up and heal emotionally. Nevertheless, in order for that to occur, you need to take action first.

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How To Get Over a Bad Break UpMental Changes You Can Achieve:

Focus on your work: it is wise policy to try to distract your mind for a bit. What better way to achieve that than through your work? Be careful though. You don’t want to become one of those ‘career comes first’ sort of girls, and then lose entire focus on your goals.

And there are very many of those ladies around, which is of course fine, but in our case, it’s not appropriate. Do remember that focusing on work in this respect, and for now at least, is a way to take your mind off your ex-boyfriend.

Renew a previously forgotten hobby: no need for any explanation here. In basic terms, if there were activities you used to partake in that you enjoyed (golf, tennis, keep fit, hiking, photography, horse riding, music, collecting stuff, reading…) get back to it.

Write a journal: often your mind is caught-up with thoughts about your ex. Well, since you can’t actually communicate with him for 30 days, you can if you prefer, note your thoughts down as a day-to-day journal.

Have fun: if your friends want you to go out to a club or a party, then for sure, you ought to get out there and have fun! Time is the best factor on your side in order to get over a break-up, and the other best factor is to have fun in the meantime.

Reconnect with forgotten friends: friends are great assets to have! Ideally, you’ll be able to discuss any problems you have, and they will listen without judging you (too harshly).

And hopefully, you can rely on your friends to help to ‘pick you up’ during the not-so-good times. But do be careful. Do not let your friends talk you into communicating with your ex during the period of no contact.

How Others Can Help You to get Your Ex Back

This actually deserves a whole section unto its’ own because there’s a lot to discuss here. But for now, I’ve condensed it.

During the period of no contact, I would recommend that you date. Yes – go out on a date… with someone new! Sure, you are hesitant about it. But trust me here, it’s a good thing to do. Here’s exactly why:

  • It spells out that you are moving onwards: well, in a strange sort of way, you actually want your ex to know you are dating someone else, even if it is for the one night. You come across as being pro-active, self-assured, and also strong willed, all of which are attractive qualities.
  • Build up self-confidence: dating others will help you to gain self-confidence. Realizing that others find you to be attractive is a definite confidence booster! And that’s not to mention – the guy you are on the date with may well turn out to be a lot of fun.
  • It will (probably) help you keep your mind off your ex: it’s the times that you are busy that you are less inclined to be moping, or thinking about your ex. So, instead of being a complete misery guts, instead, you are pursuing something that is constructive and very possibly rather good fun.
  • Curing the phobias you’ve potentially developed: those ladies who’ve been involved in a relationship for a lengthy period of time may feel a bit concerned about meeting someone new. No need to worry however. Just you focus your thoughts on having fun with someone new and making some fresh friendships along the way.

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