How to Get My Ex Girlfriend Back-The Best Way To Get Her Back Is To Work On You


You thought you had it all, a beautiful girlfriend and a full life. Then she came home one day and it was all gone. If you are wishing that you had your ex back, there are ways to get her back into your life.

Regardless of the reason why she left, there are some things that you can do to guarantee, at a minimum, to get her attention. Often times girlfriends don’t want a guy, but they definitely don’t want to see them with someone else.

Nothing makes an ex look more attractive then when someone else wants him. If you want her back, move on and find someone else.

How to Get My Ex Girlfriend Back

Instead of sitting around and wallowing in your own self pity, it is time to get out there and back on the market. The last thing that is going to make her want to come back is if you are being pathetic.

She isn’t going to want you when she sees that no one else wants you either. Sitting around crying in your drink, isolating the few friends that are tired of listening to you boohoo, isn’t working.

It is time to clean yourself up and find another girl to make you look like a catch. If you want to win your ex back you have to work on you. If you follow these steps, she will not only want you back, she will be fighting to get you back.

Hit the gym

If you have let yourself go you really can’t blame her for cutting you loose. There is a difference between getting comfortable in a relationship, and giving up.

If you have completely stopped trying to impress her that told her that she isn’t worthy of putting the effort in to impress. The best way to win her back is to be the strong, confident man that she was attracted to when you met.

Drop the 15 pounds that you thought she didn’t care about, and start taking care of your physique again. If she was hot for you before, she will find you hot again.

Update your look

If you look in the mirror and your clothes have become more like your uniform, it is time to update your look. Sure she found you cute in your faded jeans, but those jeans have become less cute and much more faded.

Hit the store and find something trendy to wear. Proving to her that you are someone other then the guy she left, will make her want you again.

Throw yourself into work

Nothing is more attractive than a highly motivated guy. If you were too poor to take her to dinner, or to buy her the nice things in life, put your efforts into making money to support her.

Be that guy who pays for his date. Be the guy who can afford her. Above all, be that guy who can make a commitment to something. Even if it is just work for now, it proves to her that you are able to throw your heart and soul into something for the future.

Find a new girl

This may be the last thing that you think will help, but it is the key element to getting her back. Nothing will make you more attractive than finding another girl.

If you combine all the ways that you are putting your life back together, with a new love interest, she will realize all the things she lost when she said goodbye. Best case scenario, you will win her back. Another scenario, you will fall in love with someone else if you aren’t able to.

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