How to Get My Ex Back After He Broke Up With Me

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  • sarah June 23, 2014, 10:22 am

    Hello my ex broke up with me five weeks ago it was unexpected and im still devestated by his desicion but now he is in a new relationship with a girl he met three weeks ago and he sed he is in love with her already I was wondering is this a rebound or for real? And is it too late to get him back I miss him but think I have no chance now please help 🙁

    • Maria Tom June 23, 2014, 12:50 pm

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  • Crissy August 30, 2014, 12:11 am

    I was dating a guy for 6 months. Things were great and we were both really happy and in love. He had started to talk about moving in with each other and wanting to take care of me. His finances were not too great and I am more financially stable than he was but it did not bother me. Plus, I am 4 years older than him, he is 26 and I am 30. Well, he had been testing to try to get into the Fire Academy since December and found out on Friday that he did not make it and took it really hard. He was devastated because it was his dream job and he had been so confident that he would get it. I was there to support him but also gave him his space over the weekend and would just peek in to tell him I loved him and missed him and he did the same. Well, come Monday he was completely distant and I saw he had hid his relationship status. So I messaged him to ask if everything was okay with us and he told me that he was having a really hard time coping with not making Denver and that he was trying to figure out what he needed to go to be better for the next one so that he stuck out over everyone else and we could talk about it. So I met with him and he told me “I do not think we should be together anymore. I need to focus on getting myself where I need to be for the fire academy and my daughter and my career and I do not think it would be fair to you that you were not a priority” and that was it. Most heartless break up I have ever had from one of the most caring, honest and loving men I have ever dated. I don’t understand it so I cannot heal

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