He Ignores Me – How to Get His Attention Back Again?

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Has your man started giving you signals lately that he is not receiving much of your attention? Are you, in reality, not giving him enough attention? Do you want to make your man jealous?

There can be three reasons for wanting to make him jealous:

  • You want him to give you more attention, or love you even more
  • You want him to feel what it would be like for you to not be in his life anymore
  • You want to know if he cares enough to notice this act

Men tend to get as jealous as women, especially when it comes to the woman they love. They will not be able to stand them flirting with someone else.

If you are trying to get his attention by making him jealous, try not to overdo it and just keep it to the extent that it remains playful. Overdoing would lead to excessive jealousy which would lead to a huge argument, and ultimately a breakup.


Type of Jealousy:


This form of jealousy is completely normal and experienced by almost all couples. It is one of those playful forms where your boyfriend might start feeling jealous about a hot celebrity, or a bartender you might have discussed with him.


This happens when your man gets concerned about some other guy flirting with you, or you hanging out with a bunch of other guys. Women actually want their men to voice their opinions in these matters which makes it a healthy jealousy.


This is the real problem where you man is extremely demanding and wants to know where you are all the time. Obsession can lead to actual problems later on because of the force that is used to keep the partner under complete supervision. If you are out with your boyfriend, and your boyfriend expects you to stay with him at all times, he is probably obsessed and this is not healthy at all.

When you are trying to make your man jealous, you probably want him to notice it in a healthy way and not become obsessive. Jealousy actually helps a relationship as long as it remains healthy.

How Jealousy helps a Relationship:

Jealousy makes you more desirable, especially when you start giving your guy lesser and lesser attention. The lesser you run after him, the more he will notice you, and the more he would want to come after you. So in case you start noticing how giving him so much attention is not reciprocating, try making him jealous instead.

Make Him Jealous:

If you find your boyfriend not giving you enough attention, it is perfectly fine. You do not have to run after him all the time. In fact, it might just be time to stop doing that and let him chase you.

If he cancels on you last minute, or calls you last minute to make a plan, you can tell him you have a plan with your friends instead. Try to praise other guys in front of him and flirt as much as possible with your other guy friends. He is bound to notice and will come running to you in no time.

If from time to time, you feel this need to make your man jealous, it is completely normal and healthy. This just means that you are actually working to improve your relationship, and if your guy notices, he definitely wants you. Do not be hesitant in trying this out, but be sure to not overdo it since overdoing can cause fights later on.

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  • tw September 10, 2014, 4:50 am

    Speaking as a male; I find jealously incredibly hideous, especially if and when done intentionally. If I succumb to the conclusion that she is going out of her way to make me jealous, I seriously reconsider our relationship; Considering the aforementioned childish actions.

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