Five Surefire Tips for How to Get Him to Commit

Many men are known to be commitment-phobic, which is why their girlfriends are looking for the most effective methods for how to get him to commit. If you’ve been together for at least a year and your boyfriend has not made any moves toward moving your relationship to the next level (such as asking you to move in with him or proposing to you), then it is up to you to take matters into your own hands. Here are some tips on how to get him to commit to your relationship.

1. Make him feel that committing to a relationship does not mean that he will lose his freedom. Obviously, once he’s in a relationship with you, things will change and he won’t have the same freedom he enjoyed as a single guy. This fear of no longer being able to do the things he enjoys is one of the reasons why men don’t want to commit.You can address this problem through small gestures that would indicate to him that his life won’t change that much and he can still have time to see his friends alone. This would give him a sense of security and make it easier for him to commit.

2. Be supportive when he opens up to you and avoid being judgmental. When he tells you something about himself, he wants to feel that he is safe in doing so and won’t be judged or belittled. By being able to listen without judgment, you are sending him the message that he can feel secure with you, and he’ll be more inclined to commit to a relationship.

3. On a related note, you should not ask him questions early in your relationship as if you’re interviewing him for a job. Questions that will surely raise a red flag for him will be ones like: “How much do you earn?” “Who are your parents?” and “Where did you go to college?” Of course, you can ask these questions if they come up naturally during a conversation, but otherwise, avoid bringing them up.

4. Don’t make him feel that your relationship is contingent with his having to do a lot of things for you. In the beginning of your relationship he may want to do everything for you as a way of showing how much he cares. Eventually, however, he’ll start to feel too hemmed in and want to get out, which could mean the end for the two of you. The same goes for money.At the start, he may want to pay for everything during your dates, but then he’ll start running out of money and wonder what it is he’s getting himself into. Let him know that he does not have to do these things, by picking up the check occasionally or by doing some things yourself. This will make it easier for him to commit.

Never try to make him jealous as a way of getting him to commit. This is one of the worst methods for how to get him to commit and can only end in disaster.

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