How to Get Him Back from the Other Woman?

Building a serious relationship involves trust and fidelity. This means that your decision to have a relationship with a man involves promising him your fidelity, just as much as he owes you that kind of fidelity.

However, there are men who cannot seem to keep their promises. If your man has just recently broken your heart after discovering that he has fallen in love with another, then be aware that dwelling in self-pity should be the last thing to do.

This holds true especially if you have decided to forgive him and win him back from the other woman. If you are seriously contemplating about winning him back, then the following how to get him back from the other woman tips can surely help:

Avoid Chasing Him

When creating a plot to get him back from his new flame, make sure to let him do the first move. Remember that most men prefer to do the chasing. Just focus on improving yourself so he will realize how much he is missing from replacing you with another woman. It might take a while for him to realize this, but rest assured that this will happen if you just show him how you have blossomed into an independent, mature and admirable woman after what happened in your relationship.

Get a New Look

How to get him back from the other woman does not involve completely changing yourself just to make your ex happy. However, the time when he is away should be used to revamp your physical appearance. Try to do something different by freshening up your look and getting a new hairdo. Shop for new and sexy outfits that show off your curves. This will make him regret his decision to leave.

Create a Good Plan

Stealing your man back involves a lot of planning. Strike the right balance to avoid appearing too desperate or playing too hard to get. The first step to winning him back is to plan your strategies. Know the weaknesses of his new girlfriend and use this information to your best advantage. Remember that the woman got your man by feeding off with your weakness, so consider doing the same.


Try to flirt with him occasionally, but make sure to be discreet about it. This is possible by trying to make incidental contact with him in those instances when the two of you get the chance to talk alone. Grab his arm or hand subtly when emphasizing a point in your discussion while also smiling and laughing. The positive attention and physical contact work in stirring some feelings inside him that your ex thought have already gone. A sign that this move works is when he is suddenly at a loss for words, or starts to look deeply into your eyes.

Use the Things You Know About Him to Your Advantage

The time you spent together in the past makes you more familiar about his attitude than his new flame, and you can use this familiarity to your greatest advantage. Remember all the things that he liked about you in the past and create strategies on how to get him back from the other woman using such information.

For instance, if he liked seeing you in an outfit or hairstyle, then consider wearing this in an occasion when you think he is also there. This is a good way to remind him about the beautiful things that the two of you once shared.

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