How to Deal with Getting Dumped: 5 Effective Tips to Cope with a Breakup

Learning how to deal with getting dumped is one of the first steps towards moving on after a breakup. Being dumped is one of the most painful experiences encountered by anyone.

This holds true for women who are too emotional, especially those who have already given a lot into their relationship. If you are one of those who are still on the stage of coping after a breakup, then be aware that the following tips can help in mending your broken heart and pride:

1. Get a Closure

While it is quite difficult to get this especially if your ex is no longer interested in seeing or talking to you, know that talking to any of his friends can help. Most women who were dumped by their ex-boyfriends need a closure, whether this means hearing good or bad news.

Ask his friends about the reasons why he suddenly lost interest in you. Knowing the exact reason for your failed relationship is a tremendous help in starting over and moving on with your life.

2. Get Busy

Avoid staying at home or in your room and crying your heart out since this might only lead to depression. This especially holds true in those moments when you desperately feel the need to spend time with him or talk to him over the phone.

Try to get busy instead of staying in your room doing nothing. Go out and jog, work out, do scrapbooking or study. Use this time to think about your goals and how to reach them. Do something that would preoccupy your mind to prevent depression.

3. Get Support from your Closest Friends or Family

This is one of the most positive solutions on how to deal with getting dumped. Instead of spending hours at home, go out and eat meals with your favorite people, be it your parents, sister, cousin, brother or your best buddies.

Tell them what you feel. Talking about your recent breakup is a good way to let go of the pain. Stop worrying about upsetting them. Note that they are the most significant people in your life so you can expect them to stay with you in your most trying times.

4. Remind Yourself that You will be Perfectly Fine Without Him

Make sure to keep reminding yourself about this even if there are times when you do not believe it.  A wise tip is to stand in front of your mirror and tell yourself that you can still do great things without him. Try to do this every day before doing anything. This is helpful in making the process of moving on as pain-free as possible.

5. Accept that it is Over

Getting over with the pain, living a good life and perceiving your single relationship status as a fun and fresh opportunity to meet others, instead of a punishment, is possible by accepting the fact that your past relationship is already over.

Note that the first step in starting a new and positive future is to accept that your relationship failed and that your ex-boyfriend will no longer come back. Start to face your grief. Allow yourself to cry especially if you feel that you have lost your dreams, hopes and emotional investment. Though this is a painful process, note that this how to deal with being dumped tip can help in quickly recovering from the pain.

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