How to Build a Trusting Relationship

Relationships are complicated. You have to work towards them consistently in order to make sure they are successful. That means giving your full devotion and time to them. Let’s discuss about how to build a trusting relationship.

If a partner is not in a relationship one hundred percent, it will actually show through the attitude with which they handle their relationship. There are a lot of ways with which you can build a trusting relationship, but these usually start with how honest and committed you are towards that relationship.

Your partner or spouse is only human, and he is likely to make lots of mistakes. Do not hold him by the collar every time he does make one, and instead learn to trust him. The most important thing, however, is that he is not a mind reader. And do not even expect him to be one. If you think of something that he should know, tell it to him instead of being angry at him for not magically knowing it.


Trust usually occurs when both parties are open and honest with each other. Communication is key in this regard, without which, it is all likely to go down the drain. Also, remember that, building trust will be useless if either one of you is cheating behind your partners back.

How to build trust:

Building trust, both ways, is easy and hard at the same time. But following these few points below should get you on the right track in an instant.

Be predictable and reliable:

These really build trust. You can be full of surprises to keep things from getting boring and redundant, but these two are what makes any relationship successful.

Be honest with whatever you say:

This is very simple. If you are not being honest, you partner will stop trusting you, and in the end, your relationship will suffer.

Do what you say you will do & fulfill your promises:

Always stick your word and do not make false promises. Lies will get the best of you sooner or later. You will not even notice and your relationship will fall on the floor and break into tiny little pieces.

Reveal your secrets:

Honesty includes revealing everything that you have kept hidden so far. Just tell your partner everything and he will appreciate it. If there is anything that he is likely to hate from all of this, he will sooner or later come to terms with it, and forgive you.

Be competent:

Competence comes a long way. Show how competent you are, both in professional and social settings, and people are likely to give you the respect that you deserve.

Show him how flawed you are:

This will actually help improve intimacy. By showing him your flaws, you tell him how you trust him and are comfortable with him.

No judging:

Do not start judging him for anything. This will really be harmful for your relationship because he will then start becoming cold and distant.

Confide in him:

Tell him what bothers you. In fact open up to him on just about anything. He will really appreciate it.

Be yourself:

Do not let this relationship, or anyone else for that matter, change how you truly are. You are special and unique. Do not let others dictate how you should be. This is possibly the worst thing that you can do to yourself.

Learn to say no:

Say no whenever you are hesitant to do something. It is sometimes a very hard thing to do because you get worried about how the other person will take that response. But, you should remember that, saying no when you do not want to do something, is part of being honest. If your partner truly loves you, he will understand.

Trust your partner:

Have faith and trust in your partner. If you do not trust him then this relationship is probably not for you.

Show your appreciation:

Appreciate the little things he does for you and do not have too many expectations.

Tell him you expect the same:

Let him know that you are willing to do so much for him and you expect him to do the same. It is best not to nag him about it, but communicate it to him.

Relationships are always a two way street. If one is putting in all the effort while the other is putting in none, it is likely that the relationship will not work out. But open communication solves most of these problems.

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