How to Become the Ideal Partner!

You want to be the only one they dream about, the only one who’s presence fuels the air when you wake up in the morning and the only one who’s existence means something real when they sleep at night. As colossal as the task of being the perfect one is, it is one that is clearly not impossible.

Just undertake these simple steps and you will be good to go on your own completely and to become the ideal partner.

Be yourself

Trying too hard never impressed anyone. Hence, we suggest you DON’T! Go the extra mile but not if that’s not who you are comfortable being. Understand that if it doesn’t come naturally to you, then it will look forced to the others as well. You want to come across as caring but not someone who makes things claustrophobic, you want to be supportive but not as someone who thinks that their partner is inept and incapable of handling themselves.

Be there without taking up personal space and love without feeling insecure. Everyone likes space, particularly their own private space in general and that is something that no one likes to be invaded or questioned.

The Demand Curve

There might be something endearing about being a high maintenance princess who likes her way with everything, however, there is nothing even remotely adorable about a demanding brat who whines and cribs all the time. Throw your weight around but don’t get carried away doing it.

The Emotions Know All

Learn the craft of lending an emotional hand as opposed to just crowding your better half. Distance really does make the heart grow fonder and out of sight (does not mean) out of mind. Lean to make your presence get felt in a way that is helpful and comforting all at the same time.

The Blame Game

Just stop right this second, and end the blame, shame and horror of throwing all the problems on each other. Take responsibility and be accountable for all that revolves around you and understand that at the end of the day, it’s your actions that empathetically speak louder than words.

The AAA syndrome

When things turn for the worst what you need is, affection, apology and a promise of Action. You hug, kiss and make up and frankly that’s the perfect recipe for success. Depict a meaningful gesture of warmth and end the whole escapade with a steaming cup of coffee and several peals of uncontrolled laughter.

Old is Always Gold

The older a relationship the longer lasting it is, however, fear of things getting stale is something that is inevitable and hence, needs to be dealt with in a proper manner. Go away on a secret weekend. While at it, make the effort of getting away from technology and figure out how to rekindle the lost passion and fire that once refused to dim.

Once you return back to reality, there will be the added zing that got lost somewhere along the lines.

Do Not Criticize

This is one crucial move to actually making your relationship brand new and radiantly beautiful all over again. Just simply get rid of one simple habit. Over time the reason to criticize and put down the other person becomes increasingly high. Simply refuse to criticize your other half over anything at all. Almost magically you will notice that your relationship will progress towards improvement and basically a horizon that is positive and vibrant in every way possible.

At the end of it, understand that to make a relation work it takes two people and that’s the only way forward. The above is the answer to your question how to become the ideal partner.

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