7 Things You Do That Make Your Boyfriend Lose Interest in You

He Lost Interest in me How Do I Get Him Back

So, you’re clueless as to why your ex-boyfriend left you. What could have you possibly done to make him dump you?

Well, I don’t know the circumstances or aggravating factors that could have caused your eventual break up.

But I may be able to present to you some interesting ideas on why your ex-boyfriend lost his interest in you.

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Ready? Let’s get this thing started then.

 1. You’re Difficult to Maintain

If you think back into your relationship, were you a high-maintenance girlfriend?

Now, now, please be honest here. Is it a yes, no, or I don’t know? Ironically, the last option is a valid one.

There are some women who don’t know they’re one or what’s considered to be a high-maintenance girlfriend. So, let me shed some light on that matter.

A girlfriend who is difficult to maintain is:

  • Wants their boyfriend to look real nice, to dress up, so she can be proud to be with him in public
  • Very conscious on the way they look
  • Almost always starts an argument or a fight
  • Wants her needs to be addressed first
  • Impossible to please
  • Her motto: no money, no honey

If your ex left you because of these reasons, it only means he has high self-worth… and is super annoyed by your behavior.

2. You’re a Control Freak

Controlling everything he does is a surefire way to make him lose interest in you. Guys hate a girlfriend who always tells them what and what not to and who to hang out with. Basically, they don’t want somebody telling them how to live their life.

What if you switch roles with him, he’s the control freak and you’re not.

Will you like it if he demands that you give him a full report of your activities, including your whereabouts, the people you were with, and the time you came home? Not only that, he will also forbid you to talk to guys.

Like that idea? Being a control freak gives your boyfriend the impression that you don’t trust him at all. And the root cause of this problem is actually a woman’s fear that her boyfriend will cheat.

3. Giving Him Everything All At Once

Giving him too much too soon is a guaranteed way to lose his interest in you. What’s the solution? You have to make him say to himself: “Hmm… I never knew this side of her” or “Wow, she’s really full of surprises.”

The problem with many women is that they don’t exert effort to keep their boyfriend interested in them, especially after years of being in a relationship.


4. You’re a Certified Drama Queen

Yes, there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. Having arguments once in a while is pretty much acceptable. But having these relationship dramas 99.9% of the time is bound to take a toll on him.

I remember about this girl telling me about his former boyfriend, who’s a freelance writer. She recalled that her ex used to really hate it when she tries to confront him with problems or starts arguments. Why?

It gives him writer’s mental block for days because he’s too emotionally disturbed.

Men (and even women) don’t like drama in their life let alone in their intimate relationships. It takes their emotions to a rollercoaster ride that really affects how they function in the real world.

5. You Forgot about Your Looks

I guess this is one of the most common mistakes women make when they’re in a relationship for long.

They get too comfortable with the relationship and to the idea that their boyfriend will love them regardless of their appearance in the coming years.

Let’s get real here. Although they say they don’t mind, deep inside guys still care about their girlfriend’s physical appearance.

No, you don’t have to be one of those contestants in America’s Next Top Model. If you’ve gained weight, losing the extra pounds would really do your relationship good. I’m sure your man would also really like it if you still dress up for him or wear make-up when going out.

6. You’re Too Emotional

Being in touch with your feelings is not a bad thing, really. But you have to understand that guys are not experts in dealing with emotions. In fact, it makes them scared.

A girl who’s too emotional is unbearable to date for guys. What more if they have to make her their girlfriend? Not going to happen!

They think that overly emotional girls have great tendencies to make a big deal out of trivial matters and may turn psycho on them any time.

7. You Made Him Feel Unappreciated

What happened to all those nice words you always tell him at the beginning of your relationship? Now, all you seem to do is nag and whine about almost everything he does.

He may not say it outright, but he really loves it when you take the time to admire even the simple things he does for you.

Don’t deprive him of that. If you do, he’ll begin to lose his feelings for you and will start being a “fight starter” and grouchy person.

However, there are times when it’s not what you did or said that caused him to lose interest in you. Sometimes, it has to do with the length of time you’ve been together.

After being together for so long, he will start to crave for something new. That’s why you need to work hard to keep things interesting between you two.

I hope this helps you understand the reasons your ex lost his affection for you. And hopefully, you can use this information to make your current or next relationship work.

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