Are You Nicer to Your Friends and Co-Workers Than to Your Man?

Do you treat your man with the same positive demeanor as when you’re interacting with friends and colleagues?

He’s your love, your one and only, the man you promised your whole life to. That’s supposed to be good news for him, right?

Not always. You’re so relaxed around him that you think it’s alright to show your uglier side more often than he wants (unfortunately). Anyway, he’ll understand.

It’s unfair for him, really. Other people get to experience your friendlier and more tolerant version while he gets a dose of your no-holds-barred comments, tantrums, and immature side.

Sometimes, he might be wishing that he exchanges places with your best friend, because you speak nicer to her than him.

How a Woman May Talk to Her Best Friend versus Her Man

Example #1:

You’re so focused at your work when your best friend suddenly barges in. Your possible reaction: “I’ll be with you in a sec. I need a break anyway.”

But your poor man might get something like this from you: “Can’t you see I’m busy right now?”

Example #2:

When your man doesn’t think like you do, you might quickly accuse him of being “pigheaded.”

Here comes your best friend. Do you usually say, “That’s the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard”?

Example #3:

When you want something done, but your man keeps putting it off, you’ll probably say, “You’re really being lazy.”

If it’s an acquaintance or a friend, you might be more patient and say some generic line, like, “Take your time. I’ll wait.”

Example #4:

When your friend thinks your outfit is so last year, you might say, “Really? What do you suggest I wear?”

If it’s your man making a comment about your outfit, it might solicit him this kind of reply from you: “Since when did you become a fashion expert?”

Pay Attention to Your Body Language

But more than the words, you also need to be aware of your body language. Your facial expressions, gestures, and posture all give subtle hints about your real feelings, thoughts and intentions.

If you’re not careful, you might send the wrong signals to your man. This will certainly put a strain on the relationship.

Some of the non-verbal cues you should avoid, especially during arguments, are:

1. Arms crossed indicate that you’re being defensive or withdrawn from the conversation.

2. Blank facial expression reveals your resentment.

3. Eye rolling expresses annoyance or frustration.

4. Unmoving head gives him the impression that you’re acting superior or being serious.

5. Crossed legs (sitting) means you’re not interested with what’s happening around you.

Make Him Feel Good About Himself

Ever heard of affirmations? Well, they’re not only great for inviting wealth into your life. They’re also great tools to use to make your man feel good about himself.

Write down all his positive qualities. What are they? Does he sweep you off your feet with his sweet poetry? Is he a real joker? Is he thoughtful?

Remind him of these qualities you like about him for a week and witness his transformation. Notice the inner glow that reveals his renewed respect, appreciation and love for you.

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