Getting Inside Your Man’s Head

Men are tricky, no doubt about it. And it can be especially hard to get to know or understand what their thought processes are like or how they think. But once you know tips and tricks on how to deal with them, all of this will be a piece of cake.

How Men think:

Men’s minds work on an opposite tangent than that of women. This is why it gets a little tough when it comes to men understanding women and vice versa. Even for daily tasks, men’s minds respond to situations or work different for different situations than women’s minds.

For instance, men tend to think more rationally and logically while women, on the other hand, have a lot of emotions playing in their thought processes along side. And it is mostly the conflict of this rationality and emotions that strikes up a nerve and leads to arguments, issues and stubbornness.

The key to a healthy relationship is to try and master this difference of the minds and work towards taming yours in a way that moulds well with that of your man. Even if you do not like this fact, you have to understand that this difference exists, and this is how the minds are wired. This means that the little fights that arise are usually no one’s fault and just happen due to the difference in the wiring.

How to best tackle His mind:

You should know that, being aware of this difference, and working around this difference, can help a lot. You might think that you will be the only one fixing the relationship this way, but someone has to be the bigger person here, right? And if you truly love your man then why not. This is probably a small price to pay for something so good later on. And it will save you the trouble of a messy argument later on.

Try and understand why he’s being the way he is, or why he’s not giving you as much attention as you would expect him to give. Think about whether you are expecting too much out of him, or whether you want him to be around you all the time. In such cases, it is usually your high expectations which cause problems.

The best way to probably see or tackle a situation is to view it from both sides. Put yourself in his shoes and try to think and see things from his perspective. You are likely to get all the answers you are looking for.

The little things that matter:

Here are a few day to day things that happen, and we do not even realize that we are doing them wrong. Instead, you should tackle them as below:

  1. If your man tells you that you look great today, you should not get angry and say: “don’t I look great every day?” instead you should be happy with the compliment and thank him.
  2. You should know by now that most men love to watch sports or play video games. Let them do those things. Imagine if your man starts annoying you during your shopping time. You are likely to get extremely annoyed, no doubt!
  3. Do not push him to tell you how much he loves you so much every second of every day. He probably knows it but does not want to express it so much. Give him a breather.
  4. Know that, what you are probably thinking right now might not be what your man is thinking about. If you want him to start thinking along the same lines, you should probably communicate it to him. The information does not evaporate from one mind to the other.
  5. You do not have to be too open about every single thing. There are a few things which are best left unsaid, and only you can be the best judge of what those things are.

Handling relationships is actually a lot simpler than most people make it seem. All you need to do is to think a little, especially from your partner’s perspective, and react accordingly. Remember that, aggression and anger does not solve anything. Always approach a topic in a cool and calm way.

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