Feeling Disconnected? Discover How to Regain Connection to Your Man?

Are you feeling disconnected from your man? Feels like all you ever did as a couple was arguing over petty things?

Perhaps you have even been getting these lines from your man:

“You have time for your soap operas, work and friends, but not for me!”

“You don’t talk to me sweetly anymore, unlike before.”

“All you ever notice are my faults.”

Disconnection has that effect. It doesn’t happen overnight. It happens gradually and before you know it, he has become a complete stranger in your eyes.

Signs of a Disconnected Relationship

 Not sure if you have a disconnected relationship? The following signs might help.

  • You rarely go out on dates or attend events as a couple.
  • You never mention your partner to others.
  • You criticize your partner as a person, not based on his actions or the situation.
  • Talking about future plans together is avoided.
  • Less time for meaningful conversations
  • Lack of sexual or emotional intimacy
  • Everything he does or says is irritating for you.
  • The bulk of your time is spent on other things than him.

 How many of these are present in your relationship?

I don’t blame you if you feel disconnected to your partner (or vice versa). Life can be busy and everything feels like a routine after a couple of years being together. However, disconnection is a signal that neither you nor your man should ignore.

Don’t wait for him to do something about this. Take the initiative to bridge the gap that’s been built between you two.

If you want your relationship to work, if you want to rekindle the flame, then make sure that you do this…

Stay Connected Using the “Showing Interest” Tactic

There’s practically no one in this planet who doesn’t want to feel appreciated, loved, and respected. And I bet your man is one of those people.

So, how do you make yourself “connected” to your man again? Ready? Drum roll, please.

Practice the art of “showing interest” starting today. Notice the impact that it would have on your man. This might sound so simplistic, but it does do its job.

Start by taking an inventory of his favorite things to do. Does he like the great outdoors? Perhaps you could go with him on his next hiking adventure.

It might not be your thing and thoughts of wild animals or, worse, bugs scare you, but you must will yourself to do this. Why? The benefits are all worth it.

Practicing the “skill of showing interest” will help you two to discover new things about each other, create new memories that’ll add value to your relationship, create a stronger bond, make him feel good, and of course, to reconnect with him.

Feeling disconnected is not a problem unique to you. Many women can experience the same thing. The important thing is to be aware of the signs of disconnection and take the necessary steps to solve the problem—by showing “active” interest on your man.

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