Did He Move On Already? Probably Not

People have this urge to leave when situation gets overwhelming. It is not happening only because you have this constant fear that this is going to be too hard to handle, you also get tired. These things happen all the time. Many women ask me if abandoning the ship may be his easy way out, and what are their options if it looks like their ex moved on already?

If you lose your partner because of the complicated relationship that you have, it can be very hard to deal with the truth that he ran away from you. Things can get even harder if he finds somebody new in a very short time and then it looks like he ran away from you just to find something less complicated.

Sometimes when relationship seems too complicated, it can happen that he picks a woman that will make him feel more relaxed, even if the woman is not the one. Simple is not always better, but this is how things sometimes work. Can you do something about it? Of course you can.

When people go through many hard and difficult situations, questions like is this worth it is usually the most important one. I am not saying that this is the question he asked himself and it is possible that he probably just ran away without thinking. I am not talking about situation when you break up and you still leave even a small chance for coming back to your partner. I am talking about situation when your partner leaves you and then he suddenly finds out that he is in love with other woman. Don’t you worry, jumping into a new relationship so fast can tell you many things.

These are few steps that can show you that he didn’t really move on:

#1 He is not strong

He met somebody new and he is jumping into new relationship. Nobody can move on this fast. This is the first step that is showing you he is only trying to build walls to help him keep his decisions strong. Pushing himself to believe that he made a right choice is a good sign. He can’t be moving on so fast, no way.

#2 Games

He left you but when you try to contact him to talk like a grownups that you are, he starts pushing you away. He is playing immature games like blocking you on facebook or crossing the street to avoid you.

#3 He is a new man

After you have been gone only few days his life has changed so much that you can’t recognize him. He looks like he has been charmed, so excited, going around telling everybody that he is in love. You can’t believe what is happening, but he looks like he believes it, and he probably does.

#4 Overreacting

You finally got to him, physically. Now when you are face to face you finally have your chance to ask for an explanation. However, he is not able to answer to any of your direct questions. Letting you know that he didn’t miss you even if you didn’t asked it is typical overreacting. In the end he runs from you with an excuse that he has more important things to do.

All these changes in his behavior can give you hope that he didn’t really move on. If you are sure that you want him back, you have to know that it will probably be a very long road. First you have to show him that he is not going to feel stuck in the chaos again if he chooses to come back to you. To do this you have to understand what brought you to that situation in the first place.

In relationship, not being able to solve your relationship problems can be very frustrating for both of you, sometimes even unbearable. These things usually start with not being honest with your partner. Not having an open conversation can only make the situation worse.

Maybe it looks very complicated but everything in relationship can be solved with a good old honest conversation. Not only that you could find out that in a lot of situations there was just a big misunderstanding but also you could learn that many times you felt the same. This can be intimacy booster for sure, and everything gets only better from there.

If you don’t start dealing with your problems as a couple, nothing can help you. There is nothing worse than words left unsaid. Soon you will find your partner far from you, which will make you more frustrated and insecure. Feeling insecure is the worst thing that can happen to you in relationship. If you feed that little worm he will eat you slowly and make you feel or do things that you never wanted. All this can make your partner even more cold which could make you even more frustrated. It is a vicious cycle.

If you are reading OnlineRomanceHub.com regularly it is easy for you to notice that I always talk about taking care of yourself whatever the topic is. I know that a lot of people are ignoring this not only because it’s the hardest thing that to do, but also because they think it is not necessary. You are wrong. There is nothing more important than being a strong and satisfied woman. Don’t even think that your relationship troubles will be gone for good if you don’t improve yourself. You have to build yourself, to work on yourself, and after that other things may come. Nobody will see you worthy of their time if you can’t accept that you are worthy of your time.

And remember that everybody has the right to leave when they want, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to make them doubt their decision, or even try to win them back.

To bring your man back and to build a strong and beautiful relationship you could use any help you can get. I recommend you to be part of our blog, but feel free to try out my course too


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