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Capture His Heart and Make Him

Love You Forever Review

Before We Get Started…

Before I get started on my overview of the Capture His Heart program by Claire Casey, I want to warn you to watch out for scams surrounding the program.

There are a lot of website operators that sink to new levels of low when promoting this program – using misleading information, scams, and fake discounts to draw in visitors and make sales.

The Capture His Heart (CHH) program is very popular, and unfortunately a lot of website operators take advantage of that.

As the editor and lead review for the The Official, I’ve looked at countless eBooks. I have become extremely good at separating out real product reviews from fake reviews.

I created this fan site as a place where women interested in Claire’s program could get real information about it. I hope to protect women from being scammed and to give them reliable, accurate, and clear information about the program.

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Capture His Heart Fact Sheet

Name of the Product : Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever

Also Known as: CHH, Capture His Heart

Author: Claire Casey

Co-Author: Michael Fiore, internationally recognized best selling author and relationship expert.

Category: Relationships

Sub Category: How To Make A Man Love You Forever, Dating advice

Product Delivery: Via Membership Site

Product Media: Ebook, Audio, Video, Coaching (delivered online only, no long waiting for shipping or handling)

Available on Amazon or any other offline medium? : NO

Product Cost: One Time Payment of $47 only

Discount or any coupon code: NOT Available

Refund Policy: Backed by a 60-day, no questions asked, full (100%) money back guarantee

Product Overview:

capture him

Product Features :

Consumers will get access to the premium membership area where they can view videos, download information, and talk to other women who are using the course to get the men that they want. The content is sent out over a two-week period, in tandem with an email newsletter. The way the content is sent out helps to cut down on impulse refunds.

You get lifetime access to the members-only area when you purchase the package.

The program is just the beginning, though. Customers also get bonus interviews with counselors, relationship gurus, and more – released weekly. The bonus material is added on a regular basis. Long-term members will get the most benefit out of the program.

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Product Description:

Capture His Heart, created by Claire Casey, gives you immediate, online access to a straightforward, simple, step-by-step program in which Claire tells all of her tips, techniques, and secrets for attracting and retaining the interest of any man.

To give you a little background, Michael Fiore is a renowned relationship expert, and this program was what his girlfriend used to transform him into a loyal husband. Prior to his girlfriend working her magic on him, he was a notorious player.

The techniques, steps, and concepts outlined in the Capture His Heart system are meant to help women get inside the souls, bodies, and minds of their men – in order to make them fall in love and stay in love.

The ability to make any man interested you – and then stay devoted – is an ability that most women would kill to have. The steps outlined in the program will also lead to men connecting with the women who want them, but not just connecting in an ordinary way. The program can help women find a primal, spiritual, and deep connection.

Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever is a step-by-step training manual that couldn’t be any easier to follow and implement.

Michael Fiore and Claire Casey created the program. It will doubtless help you to become irresistible to that one man who you just have to have.

How To Spot The Scammers

It was important to men to include consumer alerts, because so many women are fooled by shady website operators.

There are a lot of websites that use questionable tactics to get search engine traffic and fool unsuspecting women into paying more than they ought to for this product.

Let me state right upfront that you should never pay any more than $47 for this product. Sometimes, it is bundled with a whole lot of other eBooks and digital products in an effort by the website operator to get more money for each sale.

What some of them do is bundle the Capture His Heart program with a whole lot of junk in order to jack up the price (sometimes up to ten times the cost of the Capture His Heart program!)

capture him banner

Watch out for some of these tactics.

The Fake Scam Review: Some website operators will try to get more search engine traffic by using the word “scam” in the title of their review.

These website operators will play on searchers’ fear by using a chilling headline, i.e., “Is Capture His Heart Actually A Scam?” Typically, what happens is that when you click through to the review is that the content of the review is overwhelmingly positive.

It turns out that the title of the review was just to get search engine traffic and/or visitors to click through.

The Bonus Package: As mentioned before, some website operators will include Capture His Heart (a legitimate program) along with a whole bunch of other junk (usually valueless eBooks or PLR content that you can find online for free). You could end up paying ten times the price of the Claire Casey program.

Capture His Heart Free Download: Some website operators set up pages that mislead consumers into thinking that they can download the program free.

Capture His Heart is definitely not a free program, and any site that claims a free download is either not being truthful or selling pirated copies.

Product Recap

The price is $47, and if you see another price advertised on any other site, you should suspect something fishy. Unless Claire and Michael decide to change the price, it will always be $47.

I would be one of the first people to know if there was an official price change, and I promise I would let all of you know.

So, to recap, this is basically a step-by-step manual for discovering and then retaining the man of your dreams. When you purchase the product, you get more than 20 hours of video content (plus new content added weekly). The guide is intended to help any woman become irresistibly desirous to the man of her dreams.

The product is targeted at single women and women that are dating casually. You will pay $47 just once, with no further payments, e.g., monthly dues or hidden fees.

A woman who purchases the product will learn several new tactics for awakening her inner temptress, including how to grin in a sexy way, how to seduce men with her eyes, and how to make conversation in a way that makes men think of making love.

The Capture His Heart program is filled to the brim with more than 20 hours of content, and a one-time payment for lifetime access is a great offer. This program works for women of all ages – young, middle-aged, and old.

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