Are you Upset that Your Man does not think like You?

Relationships are complicated enough already. You would rather not want to deal with more drama in your life. But when it comes to your man, you might fume up even at the little wrong things that he does, or might end up doing.

You might want your man to be a certain way that you perceive to be ideal, but that is not always the case. And to be honest, an ideal anything does not really exist in this world. If it were to exist, you would not be having as much fun as you are having with life right now and your life would pretty much be robotic.

by Capture His Heart

Also, if men started thinking like women, there would be a clash of interests, with both parties fighting often with each other. To tell you the truth, that will be an absolute disaster, because the thinking will be done along the same lines, diversity between both genders will cease to exist, and you will constantly be thinking of how to get away, or take a breather for a little while.

Men think differently than women do, and it is an absolute blessing. Here are a few pointers that will tell you why that is so:

Being Naggy:

Men are highly unlikely to nag you constantly about everything. The only reason that factor is annoying for a woman is because she starts thinking that her man is not giving her enough attention.

That is absolutely not true. Men are not wired to constantly want to be around and be naggy. They want space to do their boy stuff from time to time, and at the same time, they want to give you your space.

Imagine if they were constantly around you, or would want you to be constantly around them, there will come a point that you will start getting annoyed and would just want to run far away.

The only reason that you are probably more attracted to your man is because he is not around you all the time, thus giving him a sense of mystery and suspense that is like a puzzle to you, which you would want to solve and actually be into solving.

Learning New Things:

You get to learn a lot from your man this way. Because men think differently than women do, they can teach you so much that they know and how they understand life just by interacting with them.

And if you are not stubborn enough, you can actually make him open up a little more to you. This life is nothing if you know all the answers to everything and if your man thinks exactly like you. There will be no mystery or puzzle to solve, and you will just be sitting, knowing exactly what is going to happen next.

Molding Personalities:

Men think more along the lines of what is logical and use their heads, while women will delve into all of the emotional content and think from their hearts. This sort of gives a balance that you need in any relationship. And it is not just any balance, it is actually a healthy balance. The way men and women act with each other molds both their personalities and ways of thinking together in a perfect manner.

Benefits of Emotional Blackmailing:

They might forget your birthdays or all of the other important dates, but that is just because their heads do not prefer retaining as much amount of information as women prefer retaining, or certain types of information.

But that does not mean that they do not care, and this is actually a blessing because a woman, emotional blackmailing her man into remembering, actually builds their relationship further. The arguments and quarrels lead to a feeling and sense of attachment.

No matter how much it upsets you that your man does not think like you, after reading this you would have surely found some new light and insights into the topic and how it is actually beneficial for your relationship.

Your relationship will always be much more stable when both of you think differently as opposed to thinking along similar lines. Through this simple fact, both of you have and develop your own interests and paths in life, and no one needs to be completely dependent on the other this way.

It also removes the hassle for the need to be constantly whiny and then annoying each other constantly with each other’s presence. You should always remember that no gender is perfect. Both of you will have your own qualities and faults at the same time. It is all about how committed you are to each other, and what your level of trust is with each other.

If you are not trusting enough of your partner, the obviously these differences in the way both of you think will be annoying to you.

by Capture His Heart

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