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New Year’s resolutions are mostly famous as a list of things that that we are all excited about when we are writing them down. However, we all know how easy is to break them and to give up on your dreams and wishes when reality kicks in.

Resolutions are here to be broken, and that’s mostly true. But why wouldn’t you take this chance to think about how to make things look more like you want them to be. Of course you can go for traditional silly resolutions like giving up on chocolate, or spending more time in the gym, but I wasn’t thinking about that. Why wouldn’t you spend your wishes on something more important like love and healthier relationship, or bringing your love back?

If you are just not into making lists you can go through these guidelines and think about your love life. You may get some new ideas that you can benefit from, and so can your relationship. Well little magic won’t hurt you; New Year is close after all!

#Stay creative

There is nothing wrong with letting your passion lead you. And there is nothing more beautiful than a happy and satisfied woman. Whatever you enjoy doing that brings the best of you, promise yourself you will squeeze it in and find more time for it even on your busiest days. The more you enjoy the more confident you become, and your decisions will be stronger. This is a never-ending story about building yourself, and so your partner and your relationship can grow with you.

#Keep in touch

Good decision would be to spend more quality time with people you love. It doesn’t have to be exclusive just for you and your partner, but it is also something that you can think about. One nice evening from time to time when you can enjoy in each other’s company having nice dinner or taking a long walk is a great idea. This way you can keep your relationship fresh. Think about these nights as priority and enjoy. This can also help if you are going back together or you are planning to.

#Talk to each other more

This would be a great resolution for any kind of relationship you have with people you care about. When it comes to love it is one of the most important things. Not only it can save you from misunderstandings and arguing, it can also make your bond even stronger. But remember, when you want to talk about bad things, be ready to mention the good ones too. This is what makes a conversation sincere, constructive and with good arguments.

#Ask questions

It is very important to ask a question when something is not clear to you. Many misunderstandings come from you not wanting or being scared to ask when you are confused with something your partner did or said. It will make you jump to conclusions. You can even start wondering what you have done wrong and taking things too personally. Ask your partner how he feels, and be ready to really hear the answer. This can break down any barriers between you two and it can become a true bonding experience, especially if you are on a break.

#Be honest

Your relationship can be healthy and beautiful, but first you have to start from yourself. You have to be brave enough to face the truth. It is wrong to think that somebody else can make you happy, and even if they can it also means that they can make you unhappy. You cannot control your partner’s reactions and you shouldn’t even try. The only person you can control is yourself and if you learn how to do it you will have less regrets. What I mean is that your reactions will probably make you happy or sad as they always lead to consequences. It would be too bad to not think about it before you act.

#Take responsibility

It is actually not so hard to say you are sorry. The point is to say it and explain what exactly you are sorry for. The worst thing you can do is to say it just to break an awkward silence or to stop an argument. Being honest can help you disarm your partner; maybe next time he will get more confident to do the same. However, saying it many times can be very annoying. So apologize and mean it, it really can’t get simpler than that!

#Accept your differences

There is no way you can see things from his point of view but you can try your best to understand and respect his ways. It comes the time when you want to change some things about your partner but think about it as something that is making him the person he is. Also remember that you are not perfect; there are probably things about you he doesn’t like, either. Make sure you remember that when you don’t agree with his ways of dealing with things.

#Be present

Reminisce about the events that brought you together in the first place is always nice thing. Remembering the good times can leads to more of them, but being in the present is more important. You came this far, you both changed a lot and grew together. A lot of things may be different than you though they would be, but it doesn’t mean that they are not even better than you wanted. Take your partner by the hand and smile. Tell him that it is so nice to be here with him, and enjoy the moment.

#Just breathe

We all have challenging moments, and year that is coming will probably not be more different than others. There will always be situations that we can’t control or we get a wrong impression that we are not strong enough. These are moments where you should remind yourself to breathe. Sometimes even breathing is enough to make us happy. You are alive, full of life and love, and if you can’t depend on someone you can always depend on yourself. Believe that decisions you make from heart are good decisions, no matter how big you dream.

This year can be a great start for you and your love life. Love and don’t be scared of making mistakes. The worst thing that you can do is to run from your fears. Dream big and take your life in your own hands. If you want something, ask for it. If you want somebody, give your best to get him. If you don’t know how check out this link. It might help you create your own strategy how to get him back.

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