A Better Way to Understand How Your Man Thinks

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”Why can’t my man think the way I do?” “If only men act like a ‘man’ and think like a lady, the world would become a better place to live in.”

Sounds familiar?

If you’re telling the same things to yourself, you’re not alone. Practically all women are wondering the same things.

But we all know the truth, right? That men and women are very different from each other, including our thinking processes.

This difference in thinking is the product of our environment, society, upbringing, educational background, and so on. Even Science has its own explanation of why men and women think differently.

The Battle of the Sexes Starts with the Brain

No, men are not from Mars nor women are from Venus. Men just use their left brain more while women use equally both sides of their brain.

That’s why men are task-oriented and solution-based. Women, on the other hand, are creative thinkers and in touch with their emotions. This difference is clearly seen in the way both sexes communicate, or ineffectively communicate, with each other.

For instance, while strolling in the mall, a woman points to a dress a mannequin is wearing and says, “That dress looks so pretty, isn’t it?” And the guy just says, “Yes.” Then later he asks what gift she wants for her birthday, annoyed, she says, “I don’t know.”

Men are not just great at intuiting emotions. To communicate with them effectively, you need to be vocal (in a nice way, of course) with your thoughts and emotions.

Another example, a man and a woman has been going out for quite awhile. The woman says, “Hey, I just realized that we’ve been going out for 5 months now.” And the guy just says, “Sounds great,” and then says nothing more about what she wants to hear—love and relationship.

Yup, women can never understand why men don’t think the way they do, unless…

Try Seeing Things His Way For Once

There’s really nothing wrong if you and your man think differently.  There’s only going to be a problem when it blocks the path to effective communication.

Are you getting frustrated because your man doesn’t think like you do? Don’t be. Instead of crucifying him for the way he thinks, try extending yourself by understanding his point of view.

Keep telling yourself this:”Not everyone shares the same opinions as mine. If he’s not in agreement with me, it doesn’t mean he’s wrong.”

Try going deeper by asking: “I wonder why he thought of it that way?” “What did he see that I didn’t?”

Or better yet, keep quiet and let him explain his side of the story to fully grasp what he meant.

Men and women are different. And this is a great thing, actually. You get another fresh perspective of the same situation, so you can make better decisions.

Always remember, just because your man doesn’t match your way of thinking doesn’t mean that

(1) he doesn’t love you

(2) he’s being stubborn

(3) he’s wrong.

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