5 Proven Ways To Increase Communication In Your Relationship

Are you finding yourself in a robotic relationship these days where the most you talk to your partner is, “Hey! How was your day?” If such is the case, then you need to bring some change in to you communication strategy because you two are not really communicating. And if you do not put in any effort soon, this relationship is bound to die.

No relationship is easy. It is a continuous effort and work from both the partners and should not be one way. A relationship in which one partner fails to put in any effort can never work out or be successful. But all this effort, no matter how strong or powerful, is not enough unless there is good, strong communication between you and your partner.

Ingredients of Good Communication:

Good, fulfilling communication exists when there is mutual interest in the topics being communicated or talked about.  If mutual interest does not exist however, and one partner still wants to talk about a particular aspect or thing, they can work towards talking about the topic in such a way that it starts appealing to the other person.

For communication to be successful, you need to focus on the following points:

Listening & Staying Focused:

Pay attention to what your partner is telling you. If you appear to be even the least bit disinterested, your partner will start losing interest and this whole attempt will be a disaster. Also, sticking to the topic that is being discussed is of utmost importance. Do not divert from the subject. This will just make your partner feel that you are not interested in what he has to say.

Paying Attention to Gestures:

Notice what your boyfriend or spouse is doing with their hands or facial expressions. It tells you a lot about where this conversation is heading and what precautions you need to take in order for it to run smoothly. For instance, if your partner does not make eye contact with you, it means they are probably disinterested in the topic being conversed about.

Ending Arguments:

Try ending unnecessary arguments as quickly as possible. Do not continue arguing just for the sake of winning the argument. If you think your relationship is more important than the argument itself, then it is best to end it. Even if it means you letting your partner win.

Minimize Emotions:

Emotions such as anger, frustration and the like can really make communication unsuccessful. If you are bringing in these emotions for discussing topics that hold a lot of importance, then you are likely to not get your true point across. The communication will mostly run around that emotion. Big decisions such as marriage and money really require for your head to be completely in there.

Use Humor:

Humor helps lighten an argument which is full of frustration and anger. It helps work around your topic of discussion and brings both of you to a more mutual ground.

In any relationship, you should not just talk, but you have to communicate. These days we find couples talking more instead of communicating which is not healthy for their relationship. You must realize that a conscious effort on your part needs to take place in order for your partner to become interested in you and vice versa.

Also, you need to remember that not all these ingredients will help you out all the time. Sometimes you need to extract new ways depending on the situation you are facing. For instance, some couples find it easier to communicate via emails or social media rather than face to face. This especially holds true for sensitive topics which might make them shy otherwise.

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