3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Trying To Reconcile

No matter how strong you are, a breakup can turn your world upside down very fast. This is because you are wired this way. You are wired to
feel this pain and anxiety because in the past having someone next to you may have made the difference between survival and death.

This is not true anymore. In our society today, it is almost impossible to stay alone for a way too long period of time. You have limitless options and if you want to meet someone tonight, you can. I can’t guarantee that he will be the best option for you but the choice is there.

However, I’m not here though to talk to you about that. Instead, I assume that you want to make up with your lost partner and you two, to be again a couple. After all, you need to lose somebody in order to fully appreciate that person. What you’ve took for granted in the past, his company, his conversations, everything now seems a lot more valuable because you don’t have these anymore.

Nevertheless, it is not always a good idea to try to get back together. Yes, it may eliminate some of the pain but sometimes, it leads to more fighting, more conflict, more pain in the long term. I know that you want him back and he most likely wants you back too. But what if you two get together and the fighting resumes? What if instead of beautiful, exciting moments together, everything from now on will be just pure tension?

You need to take this at least in consideration. And before you take the actions to make him come back, please ask yourself these three questions:

Question #1 – What is the trust level between you two?

A relationship is based mostly on trust. Once trust is lost, it is virtually impossible to repair it. You can’t love someone that you suspect to harm you in every single second. This is why cheating usually ends up relationships for good as most people, even if they “get past this” will never trust their partner again.

If your breakup was on something small, then it is perfectly fine to make the relationship work again. However, if you consider that you can not possibly trust your partner again or that your partner will never trust you, you’ll just put yourself through more pain.

Question #2 – Are you both mature enough to admit that you are wrong?

In a relationship, both partners are wrong in a breakup. Even if it is something like cheating, the responsibility is never completely tilted to the other person. Both of you are wrong and both of you are right. And even if you are completely right, generally you have a choice between being right and being happy.

If you want to act mad, like he owes you something or the same thing, in reverse, it will not work out. After a breakup, both partners are required to make amends and to meet each one half-way.

Question #3 – Were things good before the breakup?

I know. After a breakup, everything seems awful. Five minutes of his time are more important than anything else in your day. Yes, you need to ask yourself “We’re things really that good before we had this fight?”. How was your sex life? Emotional life? Your discussions? Your intimity? Don’t use what you are feeling right now as a benchmark because right now it is impossible to be objective. If the answer is no, you are only trying to fix the current pain but chances are that you won’t be happy in this relationship.

When you lose something, the first and only thing you want is to get that person back. I understand this. I don’t blame you. Yet, getting that person back may only prevent a bit the inevitable. Other fights, other arguments, other breakups.

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