break up advice for women

It would be great if we could turn back in time and erase all the things that we wish didn’t happen, but it is just not possible. When we talk about relationships even small things can sometimes ruin everything that we built with care. The only thing that we have left is to deal with Read More


Everybody has the past. You have the past and even your partner does. Sometimes it’s hard to decide if you really want to know what happen in his life before you. A lot of women asked me if it is ok to ask or not, are there any good ways to do it, and should Read More

do i get him back

Every time when we are in contact with somebody there is a big chance that we are not going to understand each other. The risk of misunderstanding is always there, even when we give our best. It is true that we are all different but being able to misunderstand the other side is for sure Read More

how to get him back fast

New Year’s resolutions are mostly famous as a list of things that that we are all excited about when we are writing them down. However, we all know how easy is to break them and to give up on your dreams and wishes when reality kicks in. Resolutions are here to be broken, and that’s Read More


People have this urge to leave when situation gets overwhelming. It is not happening only because you have this constant fear that this is going to be too hard to handle, you also get tired. These things happen all the time. Many women ask me if abandoning the ship may be his easy way out Read More