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save my marriage

If you feel like your relationship is on repeat, it may be time to get professional help. Often times couples get into ruts. The problem with being in a rut is, if you don’t change course, you won’t be able to get out of it.

If trying to work through your problems on your own hasn’t worked in the past, there is good reason to believe that it won’t in the future. If the problem is that you have stopped hearing and listening to each other, it isn’t about talking louder. Sometimes it takes someone to translate what is being said for you to be able to understand each other’s needs.

One of the biggest signs that it is time to seek counseling is if you fight about the same thing continually, and obsessively. If you are having the same argument over and again without resolution, it is like a cancer in your marriage.

Couples can get into unproductive behavior patterns that do nothing to resolve a situation and everything to cause resentment. The more you are on opposite ends, the more you are driving a wedge between. Once the hurt starts to build, it is hard to overcome.

You are probably coming to every fight with your arsenal of previous hurt. All that ceases to do is shut off your ability to hear and share. That is where a councilor can help. Like a language translator, they can put your words into emotional terms that can be heard in a way that your spouse may not be able to now.

How to find the Best Marriage Counselor

There are many ways to find a marriage counselor, depending on your comfort level with involving other people in your life. If you know of a couple who has sought counseling, and had a positive experience, you may want to ask for a referral.

Other ways to find a marriage counselor is by reading reviews online, or asking for a referral from your local hospital network. Often times insurance companies will help to cover the cost of a counselor. If you are able to recoup some of the cost, or all of it, checking to find a marriage counselor who is in your network is important. There may be a huge difference between the cost of someone who is in your network and someone who is not.

A marriage counselor is difficult to find. Not only does counseling require that you have an easiness with your counselor, you have the additional hardship of finding someone who you can both feel comfortable with. If one of you feels secure opening up, while the other does not, you are going to end up in no better position than you are right now. Before you decide which counselor to see, it is best to interview several.

Each partner should have the opportunity to meet alone with the counselor to ensure that they feel comfortable confiding in, and relating to, them. If both parties don’t feel as if the counselor is being impartial, it will be difficult to gain trust to speak openly and freely in front of them. The counselor should be the liaison between the two parties, not someone who is taking a side. Impartiality is the cornerstone for couples counseling to work.

A marriage counselor is only going to work if both partners are willing to try. If one is going for the wrong reasons, it will not be as effective. Keeping an open mind and being willing to listen to the ways that you are contributing to the problem, is crucial. If you are going to counseling only to prove you are right, your success will be limited. If you are not on board, your marriage can easily go overboard.

save my marriage

Relationships are complicated enough already. You would rather not want to deal with more drama in your life. But when it comes to your man, you might fume up even at the little wrong things that he does, or might end up doing.

You might want your man to be a certain way that you perceive to be ideal, but that is not always the case. And to be honest, an ideal anything does not really exist in this world. If it were to exist, you would not be having as much fun as you are having with life right now and your life would pretty much be robotic.

by Capture His Heart

Also, if men started thinking like women, there would be a clash of interests, with both parties fighting often with each other. To tell you the truth, that will be an absolute disaster, because the thinking will be done along the same lines, diversity between both genders will cease to exist, and you will constantly be thinking of how to get away, or take a breather for a little while.

Men think differently than women do, and it is an absolute blessing. Here are a few pointers that will tell you why that is so:

Being Naggy:

Men are highly unlikely to nag you constantly about everything. The only reason that factor is annoying for a woman is because she starts thinking that her man is not giving her enough attention.

That is absolutely not true. Men are not wired to constantly want to be around and be naggy. They want space to do their boy stuff from time to time, and at the same time, they want to give you your space.

Imagine if they were constantly around you, or would want you to be constantly around them, there will come a point that you will start getting annoyed and would just want to run far away.

The only reason that you are probably more attracted to your man is because he is not around you all the time, thus giving him a sense of mystery and suspense that is like a puzzle to you, which you would want to solve and actually be into solving.

Learning New Things:

You get to learn a lot from your man this way. Because men think differently than women do, they can teach you so much that they know and how they understand life just by interacting with them.

And if you are not stubborn enough, you can actually make him open up a little more to you. This life is nothing if you know all the answers to everything and if your man thinks exactly like you. There will be no mystery or puzzle to solve, and you will just be sitting, knowing exactly what is going to happen next.

Molding Personalities:

Men think more along the lines of what is logical and use their heads, while women will delve into all of the emotional content and think from their hearts. This sort of gives a balance that you need in any relationship. And it is not just any balance, it is actually a healthy balance. The way men and women act with each other molds both their personalities and ways of thinking together in a perfect manner.

Benefits of Emotional Blackmailing:

They might forget your birthdays or all of the other important dates, but that is just because their heads do not prefer retaining as much amount of information as women prefer retaining, or certain types of information.

But that does not mean that they do not care, and this is actually a blessing because a woman, emotional blackmailing her man into remembering, actually builds their relationship further. The arguments and quarrels lead to a feeling and sense of attachment.

No matter how much it upsets you that your man does not think like you, after reading this you would have surely found some new light and insights into the topic and how it is actually beneficial for your relationship.

Your relationship will always be much more stable when both of you think differently as opposed to thinking along similar lines. Through this simple fact, both of you have and develop your own interests and paths in life, and no one needs to be completely dependent on the other this way.

It also removes the hassle for the need to be constantly whiny and then annoying each other constantly with each other’s presence. You should always remember that no gender is perfect. Both of you will have your own qualities and faults at the same time. It is all about how committed you are to each other, and what your level of trust is with each other.

If you are not trusting enough of your partner, the obviously these differences in the way both of you think will be annoying to you.

by Capture His Heart

text her back

When she walked out of your life you probably thought you would get over her. Often times we underestimate how much someone means to us until they are no longer with us.

The old saying “the grass looks greener” is never more true than when we see the people we love in love with someone else. If your ex has found someone else in her life, and you want her back, you better act fast.

If you don’t go after her now you could spend a lifetime wishing you could turn back the clock. Don’t let her be the one that got away.

Girls are a pain in the ass, there is no denying that. They are highly emotional. They can be sporadic and hard to figure out. You feel like you have figured them out one day and then they go and mix everything up.

The biggest problem with them? When they are gone you feel like your heart is going to stop. For all the misery she caused you, you are probably realizing that she is the reason that the sun came up and set in your world.

If she is making the sun come up in someone else’s world, this is your last chance. Sometimes things have gone too far for repair. The only way that you will know is to ask her some crucial questions.

Not only will they give you the answers you seek, they will solidify in her mind that you either are, or are not, meant to be together. Request that she meet with you one more time and ask her the following heart to heart questions:

Does she still love you?

Sometimes you can love someone but not be in love with them. Women give the men in their life unconditional love and many chances to deserve that love.

If you have pushed her too far, or she has given up trying, she may not be in love with you anymore. Ask her to search her heart to see if she still loves you. Not that she has love for you, but if she is still in love with you.

Is she happy without you?

Above all you want her to be happy. If the guy she is with makes her happy in a way that you couldn’t, then you have to love her enough to let her go. If he can give to her all the things that you were incapable of, you have to love her enough to set her free and be happy.

Is she in love with the other guy?

Regardless of how she answers the question about whether she loves you, you still have to ask if she is in love with her current partner. There is the potential that she loves two people in her life.

If she is torn between the two of you, that makes things much more complicated. By asking her both questions you can ensure that she is really going to be making a clear decision, him or you.

What does she need from you?

Even if she is wiling to let go of the other guy and take you back, it isn’t going to work if you don’t satisfy her needs. It is unfair of you to take her away from a relationship that is working if you aren’t ready to make changes in a relationship with her to make it forever.

If you aren’t willing to change the way that she needs, you need to be selfless enough to be honest and let her be.

text your ex back

get your ex girlfriend back

If you have been dumped again, but this time you really didn’t see it coming, there must be something going on. You always felt she was out of your league, so you did everything she asked.

Don’t Be A Pushover…Be The Pushee

If you treated her like a queen, gave her everything she ever dreamed of, and thought you were being the man of her dreams, that may be the entire problem. Women always think that they want a prince charming, but the charming part wears off pretty quickly.

If you are a guy who is into giving a girl everything she wants, maybe what she really wants is a guy who doesn’t give in all the time.

There is a reason why they say, “nice guys finish last”. That isn’t entirely the truth, the truth is that nice guys finish alone. The reason is that women don’t know what they want.

They think they want a sensitive guy who listens to them, but that isn’t what they want all the time. Like everything in life, you think you want something until you have it, and then you realize it isn’t as good as you thought.

Women and men are programmed differently. What we are all wired for is evolution. Yep, that’s right. No matter how civilized we are, there is still a part of us that is rooted in pure instinctual behavior.

Girls like a guy who treats them well, but when they begin to act more like a pushover then like a nice guy, girls are turned off. A girl wants a guy who can protect her.

They want someone to support them, and keep them safe and secure. If you are giving in all the time, it is showing her your weak side. The problem is that you aren’t weak, you only have a weakness for her.

The next guy she goes for will be a guy who is the exact opposite. She is going to be looking for the “bad guy”type. The man that overpowers her and the man that puts his own needs first.

That is your greatest asset. She will go so far the other way, that it will send her more back in your direction. While she is working on her rebound guy, you need to work on how to say, “no”.

There is an art to knowing how to be both the sensitive, nice guy, and bad guy. There is a time to play all roles. Women can be extremely confusing. Once you think you know what they want, they want something entirely different.

You have to stay on your toes and constantly be thinking about where their head is at, or you have to follow your instincts.

So what to do?

If you wait just a little while, she will be through the rebound guy in her life. The best thing you can do is to just let her go. The more you try to win her back, or beg for her to come back into your life, the more she will see your weakness.

Sit on the sidelines and wait for your turn. Once she has had enough of the guy who pushes her around, she will be thinking that the things she had with you were not so bad.

Wait for your turn and be there to pick up the pieces. Don’t take the friend role, just be there to be that much more attractive when things go south. When she does want you back, don’t take her back with arms wide open.

It is going to be in your cool demeanor that she is going to find you attractive and want you back. When you do get her back you have to learn to strike a better balance between being the pushover and the pushee.


You thought you had it all, a beautiful girlfriend and a full life. Then she came home one day and it was all gone. If you are wishing that you had your ex back, there are ways to get her back into your life.

Regardless of the reason why she left, there are some things that you can do to guarantee, at a minimum, to get her attention. Often times girlfriends don’t want a guy, but they definitely don’t want to see them with someone else.

Nothing makes an ex look more attractive then when someone else wants him. If you want her back, move on and find someone else.

How to Get My Ex Girlfriend Back

Instead of sitting around and wallowing in your own self pity, it is time to get out there and back on the market. The last thing that is going to make her want to come back is if you are being pathetic.

She isn’t going to want you when she sees that no one else wants you either. Sitting around crying in your drink, isolating the few friends that are tired of listening to you boohoo, isn’t working.

It is time to clean yourself up and find another girl to make you look like a catch. If you want to win your ex back you have to work on you. If you follow these steps, she will not only want you back, she will be fighting to get you back.

Hit the gym

If you have let yourself go you really can’t blame her for cutting you loose. There is a difference between getting comfortable in a relationship, and giving up.

If you have completely stopped trying to impress her that told her that she isn’t worthy of putting the effort in to impress. The best way to win her back is to be the strong, confident man that she was attracted to when you met.

Drop the 15 pounds that you thought she didn’t care about, and start taking care of your physique again. If she was hot for you before, she will find you hot again.

Update your look

If you look in the mirror and your clothes have become more like your uniform, it is time to update your look. Sure she found you cute in your faded jeans, but those jeans have become less cute and much more faded.

Hit the store and find something trendy to wear. Proving to her that you are someone other then the guy she left, will make her want you again.

Throw yourself into work

Nothing is more attractive than a highly motivated guy. If you were too poor to take her to dinner, or to buy her the nice things in life, put your efforts into making money to support her.

Be that guy who pays for his date. Be the guy who can afford her. Above all, be that guy who can make a commitment to something. Even if it is just work for now, it proves to her that you are able to throw your heart and soul into something for the future.

Find a new girl

This may be the last thing that you think will help, but it is the key element to getting her back. Nothing will make you more attractive than finding another girl.

If you combine all the ways that you are putting your life back together, with a new love interest, she will realize all the things she lost when she said goodbye. Best case scenario, you will win her back. Another scenario, you will fall in love with someone else if you aren’t able to.

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text her back

There is nothing worse than seeing the girl of your dreams walk out your door. If you let your pride get in the way and didn’t stop the best thing you ever had, you are no doubt wishing you had a time machine.

The bad news is that there is no such thing. There is no way to undue what you have done in the past. The good news is that if you want to get your ex girlfriend back, there are some things that you can do to win her back.

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, it is time to take action. If you wait too long, she will be scooped up by someone else. She isn’t going to come back on her own, sometimes you have to go out and get her.

There are many reasons why women walk out of relationships, but at the heart of all of them is the feeling of neglect. If you were meeting her needs she would never have said goodbye.

Men are excellent at shutting people out and putting their own needs and wants in front of others. Women are the exact opposite.

Chances are good she didn’t just get up one day and say she was done, she has been hinting about it for a long time. When a woman is done, she is done. That doesn’t mean that you can’t do things to get her back.

5 Proven Ways to Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back

If you want to get the woman of your heart back into your life, these five steps are your best chance at happiness:

1 Figure out what you did wrong

There are times when it is obvious, like you cheated on her, but often times it is difficult for men to figure out what went wrong. Take the time to reflect on what she said to you. Evaluate what made her upset. You have to figure out why she would no longer want to be with you.

2 Decide if is better to be with her then to be right

Guys let girls walk because they are more concerned with being right than being with her. If you want her back you have to stop thinking that it is important to always be right.

If you think that she is being ridiculous that makes no difference. Instead of trying to convince her she is wrong about how she feels, acknowledge what she feels and say sorry.

3 Make a big deal about her

Women are notorious for making those around them feel special. When was the last time you made a big deal out of her? If you want to get her back, make a big deal about it. Do something that will show her how much you appreciate and miss her.

Just this once, go out of your way, go over board, do something completely uncharacteristic. She wants to know where she fits into your world. Show her that you are her world.

4 Tell her you love her in words she can understand

Men and women relate in different ways. Men often tell women they love them by doing things for them. Women are more expressive in their language. If you want her back tell her you love her in words that she can understand.

Tell her concisely how you feel, not keeping anything in. Put your heart on the line the way she does for you all the time.

5 Chase after her

A girl wants to be chased after. If when she was walking, you didn’t go after her, now is the time to do so. Women walk because they want to be chased after. Stop being stubborn and go after her before it is too late.

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Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back Review

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What made this program unique and interesting is the usage of texts as the primary mode of communication. Text messaging is one of the most distant ways to communicate; verbal and nonverbal cues are virtually nonexistent so it’s a lot harder to elicit an emotional response.

People have been searching a lot of Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back review articles to find out whether it really is possible to do an already seemingly impossible task (getting back with your ex) using one of the most emotionally-detached modes of communication (text messaging).

text her backRather than just providing you with a large collection of texts that you can arbitrarily choose from, Text Your Ex Back helps you find out what went wrong in your relationship so you can take the appropriate steps in texting your ex.

What often goes wrong in a lot of attempts to get back together is when you tactlessly go straight to contacting your ex. Oftentimes, a lot of feelings of resentment, hate, anger, and other negative emotions leak into the words used in the text and eventually make their way into the reader. Text Your Ex Back equips you with the right emotional tools to help mend and rekindle your relationship.

As often mentioned in most Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back review articles, the program slowly builds you up by helping you know more about yourself, the relationship, what went wrong, what steps you should take, and more. Some people who buy Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back review and say that the program is a hoax, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

NLP and other subconscious mind manipulation techniques have been gaining popularity due to their consistent results. Text Your Ex Back uses subconscious psychological theories and techniques to help you get your ex back.

Text Your Ex Back Product Features

text your ex back product featuresPeople naturally have this so-called “confirmation bias” wherein they only take in information that agree with their current beliefs. If you confront a person head on trying to suggest something that goes against their ideals, they’ll naturally reject it.

Does Text Your Ex Back Work?

If you were trying to get back with your ex by directly or indirectly proving that she made a mistake, your plan will most likely fail. Michael Fiore took this into account and came up with methods that bypass the conscious mind and go straight to the subconscious.

This takes time and proper buildup though, and there have been people flaming Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back review forums saying that the program does not work for them because they’ve jumped straight to the texting part without the necessary preparations.

The program does not just unethically manipulate your ex into coming back to you; the program helps you grow emotionally by helping you learn from your mistakes and helping you restart your relationship with a new spark.

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text her back

If you’re asking the question ”how to get my ex girlfriend back” this will be the most important content you ever read. Even if she dumped you because you weren’t good enough for her, you may still want her back. Perhaps there is something in you that believes she’s right.

Maybe you didn’t treat her well enough. Maybe you didn’t pay enough attention to her. Maybe it really wasn’t you, it was her. Whatever the case was that she left you have two options.

You can get her back, or you can get back at her. Both are going to involve the same game plan. The best way to get her back? Be all those things she wanted you to be. The best way to get back at her? Be all those things she wanted you to be, but be them for someone else.

The best way to live life is through learning from our mistakes. The biggest problem may be that you don’t exactly know what mistakes you made.

You tried to be everything that she wanted, but you failed miserably. It is time to take stock of your relationship. Instead of doing what everyone does, remember only the good times, dig deeper to remember the times when things weren’t so good.

The first step is to think about the times you fought. Not only will they help you get over her if you can’t win her back, they will help you discover what went wrong.

Guys rarely listen to what a woman is really saying. They are so overwhelmed by the emotions contained within the message that they forget to listen to what is being said.

During your arguments, she no doubt told you all of the things that you were doing wrong. You just weren’t opening your ears well enough to hear.

Once you find out what it was that you were doing so terribly wrong, realize that she isn’t going to be the only woman to come along who isn’t going to appreciate that you never took her out.

Girls in general aren’t going to like that you spend all your time with your friends. No girl is going to fall head over heals in love with a guy who thinks McDonalds is a restaurant. So, if you want to win her back, you have to change those things that are going to change your future overall.

The key to either getting her back, or getting back at her, is to make yourself exactly what women want. The clues were all in front of you, you just weren’t listening.

By making yourself the guy of her dreams, you will become the guy of every girl’s dreams. If she was just destined to use you and break your heart, then you are going to be better off finding a new girl to waste your time on.

Once you have created the persona that she wanted, it is time to prove yourself to her. You can’t beg her to come back, that will only prove that you haven’t really changed at all.


You have to play hard to get. Make sure to show up where you know she will be and don’t give her the time of day. Dress in the things she loved and have money on hand.

When you see her, simply say “hello”. Proceed to pull out the charm for another girl in the room. When she sees how charming you can be, and that you are being for someone else the guy she always wanted you to be for her, she will be begging to have you back.

If all else fails, you have the skills now to be the guy of every girl’s fantasy. Next time listen better, love more, and don’t ignore her needs.

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The Tao of Badass program is pretty comprehensive and contains different formats of information. You get textual, audio and video formats, each one providing unique information to supplement your dating and pick-up strategies.

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by Capture His Heart

The first relationship was a flop, so how can you make the second one work for good this time? and asking how start over again with my ex boyfriend?

There are plenty of issues to deal with when an ex-couple decides to give their demised relationship another try. The thing you need to keep in mind is that you’re NOT supposed to pick up right where you two left off. You have to create a new and better relationship.

How To Start Over Again With My Ex Boyfriend?

Without further ado, here are 6 things you can do to make your new relationship last.

1. Learn how to properly handle your man’s emotional baggage.

Bad emotional memories from your past relationship are bound to influence your new relationship. Expect that your man will still be a little guarded because he might be scared that history will repeat itself.

It’s not really difficult to tell if your man has emotional baggage. He would probably:

 This is expected, especially if you had a bad break up. It’s your choice to let his baggage end the relationship or not. If you choose to stay, there are several things you can do to handle his emotional memories.

  • You must be willing to attentively listen, be supportive, and be more understanding.
  • Define clear boundaries as to how much, for how long and what you’re willing to allow.

If his emotional baggage gets out of hand, it’s bound to make your new relationship toxic.

2. Avoid committing the same mistakes.

This is it. You’ve managed to win him back, so don’t go wasting this chance by repeating your past errors. Learn from these mistakes and use them to make your new relationship happier and better than before.

Some common faulty habits couples fall into when they get back together are:

  • Getting into frequent arguments. Nothing can be accomplished by these anyway. Instead, it will only make the relationship too toxic for him to stay in
  • Becoming over emotional. For instance, you (or your man) might make simple matters blow out of proportion
  • Trying to control every aspect of his life
  • Easily gets paranoid
  • Won’t let each other forget about what the other did wrong in their previous relationship

3. Stop bringing up his past mistakes.

Have you ever heard the song “The Past”? I really think it sums up my point perfectly. If you’re not familiar with the lyrics, here are some of the lines I like:

“Out of all the good we had, you only keep track of the bad… Didn’t anyone tell you yet to forgive is to forget. How can you be mad if you don’t remember?”

The song makes sense, right? If you really want to put the past behind, to let your love flourish again, you must learn to forgive yourself and your man’s shortcomings and past mistakes. Instead, focus on the happy times and the future of your new relationship.

4. Leave some love for yourself.

Just because you did him wrong in the past doesn’t mean you need to make up for it this time by being at his beck and call. Don’t make him the center of your universe.

Believe it or not, your man would like it more if you also have a personal life. Doing everything he wants will only make him lose interest in you and hurt you deeply if ever he decides to end the relationship.

5. Learn the art of proper communication (both of you).

One of the reasons why romantic relationships don’t work is because of ineffective communication skills. Most fights don’t happen because of differences. It’s because each side is not willing to listen to what the other has to say.

I’m not just referring to simple listening here. Listening here means that you have to really pay attention and try to understand the view point of your boyfriend to let him feel that you respect him. Take note that you don’t necessarily have to accept his ideas as your own.

6. Pay attention to your looks and hygiene.

Looks is not everything, but it doesn’t mean that your man doesn’t care if you let yourself go. Single or committed, you still need to pay attention to how you look overall and your personal hygiene, like how you smell.

Guys really love it when their girlfriend dresses up for them. You don’t have to be a fashionista. And I’m not also saying you dress up every single day. That will only make him bored in the long run. Remember, you have to build intrigue to keep his interest in you.

These are just some of the things you can do to make your relationship work this time around. But in the end, your efforts are going to be useless if he’s not going to be a team player. There are really instances wherein a guy wants to get back together, but then grows distant, doubtful and resentful after.

If he’s not doing his share to grow your relationship, perhaps it’s time for you to think long and hard if this new relationship is really worth it or if it’s time to completely let it go.

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